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Currently, no shipping allowed/possible from Germany to USA


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 I first wanted to put this as an answer on one of the posts, but given that not everyone reads the older posts, I feel like this should be more prominent. I feel a bit responsible for you guys because in here, I advertise a lot of (in my opinion) great editions that are produced in Germany by labels such as Turbine, Wicked Vision, Anolis, etc., and a couple of you guys decided to pick them up and thanked me for showing them to you. However, lately I've heard from my US friends, that they've been waiting for their orders and growing nervous and impatient. I was asked if I could check what's happening and contact one of the labels, but as I wanted to do just that, I found out that this label had already answered in comments about the situation. I already forwarded it to the one asking, but I feel everyone should be informed about this situation - I would feel really bad if you don't know and buy and then wait forever and feel frustrated, so this is not ment as a (political) discussion or anything, just as information for you, and for me to keep doing what I do without having a bad feeling, that you might order something because of me, and then feel really bad for the wait! And maybe you/we can find other solutions (one idea I have is will follow the quotes at the end of this post).

So here is the first message:



Due to the current corona crisis, we are confronted with many restrictions when shipping our products internationally.
Depending on the shipping destination, different restrictions apply, which seem to change daily.
Please ask before you order if we ca
n deliver to your country.

Update: 26.06.2020

- There are no more special restrictions for Europe. Only one postal code area may be subject to restrictions.
- We can deliver Canada again.
- USA is currently not available.

BUT: To give you the opportunity to buy items from our store before they are sold out,
you can still place your order and we will store your items until the shipping restrictions are lifted.


Today, one label boss ranted on his personal account about the situation some more - the posts where still publicly and sharable, so I took the liberty to copy them for your information as well:



Langsam ist das echt nicht mehr witzig. Seit Monaten ist nun die Warenpost International und DHL in die USA nicht möglich bzw. DHL am Anfang mit einem Gefahrenzuschlag von 16 €, jetzt 2,20 pro Kilogramm.

Gründe? Die Ausreden geht von Trump ist dran schuld bis hin zu "nicht genug Kapazitäten!" Bullshit!

Aus den USA nach Deutschland können weiterhin Sachen geliefert werden und die kommen auch via DHL, teilweise schneller als sonst. England, Frankreich, Polen alle können in die USA verschicken. Nur wir dürfen nicht?!? Was soll der Mist? Ich dachte mal eine Monopolstellung sei verboten? Leider gibt es keine alternative zu "Warenpost" - via Briefpost ist ja ebenfalls nicht mehr möglich bzw. nicht erlaubt. Da habe ich jetzt die wildesten Geschichten gehört. Und wenn jetzt Händler mit all ihren Bestellungen über die Grenze fahren, um von Polen oder Frankreich aus ihre Kunden zu beliefern, dann läuft hier Grundsätzlich etwas falsch.



Hier liegen jetzt ungefähr 70 Sendungen rum, ein paar musste ich schon stornieren. Die Kunden wollen natürlich auch nicht ewig warten. Und dann haben wir noch einen Titel in der Pipeline, wo wir das komplette Worldwide-Ding durchziehen können inkl. Werbung im Ausland usw. Lizenz läuft, und wir können den nicht Ankündigen, weil wir ihn so nicht verkauft bekommen. Ich habe echt für alles aktuell Verständnis, aber das stinkt. Hinzu kommt dann noch, dass man als Geschäftskunde einfach links liegen gelassen wird. Ab und an mal Updates auf der Website, auf Fragen kommen nur blöde Antworten.

My translation:


This isn't funny anymore. For months now I cannot ship "Warenpost"-parcels (i.e. parcels containing commercial goods) international and DHL to the USA. DHL in the beginning was asking 16€ hazard pay and 2,20€ per kilogram additionally.
Reasons? The excuses are ranging from "it's Trumps fault" to "we don't have any capacities left!" Bullshit!
From USA they can send parcels to Germany, and they are using DHL as well, and the parcels even arrive faster than usual. UK, France, Poland, they can all send parcels to USA. Only we are not allowed?!? What a crap? I though monopoly in Germany was forbidden? Yet there is no alternative to DHLs "Warenpost" - sending via letter mail is forbidden as well. I've heard the craziest of stories. And now retailers are driving their goods accros the borders to get them sent via Poland or France, something is really fundamentally going wrong.



I'm sitting on arround 70 orders, that I cannot send, some were cance11ed. Customers don't want to wait forever. And then we've got some titles in the pipeline, which we could sell worldwide, including advertising them internationally, because we've got the licenses to do so. Now licenses are running, but we cannot announce these titles, because we cannot sell them like this. I have a lot of understanding for the current situation, but this just stinks. Additionally, as commercial customer, DHL doesn't care aobut you. Sometimes you get an Update on their website, that's it. If you ask questions you only get stupid answers.

I've also checked this with the DHL website, and it is totally true - DHL does not permit sending to the USA, or only at really extraordinary additional priceings; and apparently there is no other service you could use for international parcels. I feel like you should know this, in general. This will also be true for other retailers, and basically should also count for Mediamarkt offers, etc. (however they probably have warehouses in whole Europe anyways [I know that there's a Mediamarkt on Gran Canaria, so...].). Especially those small labels and retailers will not be able to pull off sending them by proxy via a third country. So please be patient if you've ordered something (you should of course always ask, just to be sure), or consider cance11ing your orders. Another option would be to maybe organize someone as a proxy here via Mediapsychos. Maybe someone in a country able to receive packages from Germany can order things for you and relay them to you. I guess retailers will be open to this as well, if you send them another address they can send to, and that will relay items to you.

Of the top of my head, I just know @Veum and @RAK that are from US and showed interest in German products (or at least my postings about them). Feel free to tag further members you know, to whom this might be of interest.

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9 minutes ago, Intentcoin said:

I've not heard or seen any of these, can you give me some links? Interested to see what they have

Uhm... just take a look at this sub-forum? Here are just the first ones I posted for the different labels (just on the first and second page of this subforum :) ).

  • Turbine:
  • Wicked Vision:
  • Anolis:
  • Capelight:
  • Unglaublich Phantastische Film:


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@pygospa I order all my German Editions from @thomue1987, and let him take care of any of that. Besides I’m a patient man, and having him ship to me in bulk saves me money on shipping. I believe He, and the Big Boss have already discussed a temporary shipping option from Hub to Hub so we can continue getting our goodies. But I’d like to thank you for looking out for us, and letting us know of any shipping issues.

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