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Sports during this covid - 19 virus 🦠

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 🏈 🥊 🏎 


I really do not understand, since all sports are either having to cut down their schedules or even cancel the seasons, do they not show, for example classic World Series  NFL classic playoffs & Super Bowls 🏈  classic boxing 🥊 matches, classic NASCAR, Indy 500 🏎... yeesh!


The TV 📺 industry could make some 💰 if they had some since...


my 2-cents rant


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2 minutes ago, deckard99 said:

They would have to negotiate the rights. And my guess is that the ratings my not be good enough. Lots of people outdoors now, hiking, biking, etc. 


Yeah, I guess it should only be for us, the remnant of TV 📺 holics hehe 😉 


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I’m on the hunt for some of my fav boxers 🥊 DVD’s such as Roberto Duran, Boom Boom Mancini, Joe Frazier, Evan Holyfield, etc.


I can not find a decent retailer for these classic boxers on dvd 📀 though, rats 😒

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On 8/27/2020 at 3:36 PM, Veum said:

Sports Teams’ Boycotts

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How many are going to watch starting tonight... after many decades, this will be the 1st time I will not (*caveat unless they change back to just football, no social/political anything... not on their uniforms or anywhere, period... I do not see this happening, this is a  sad commentary on the way our world is headed 😔) be watching 😔 

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You know I find it real strange that I’m not bothered by not watching the NFL, it is very liberating, however when I see something like the Rams vs the Cowboys, I think of those wonderful yesteryears I enjoyed them...


happy feel good GIF


... however now this NFL today has ruined everything for a lot of us loyal old-timers...




... stick it to ya losers yeah 🤣


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