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A Better Tomorrow Calligraphic Collector Art Book (Artist Huang Shui Bin) [Hong Kong]


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MP Group Buy here


Release date: Out for Sale

Price: Vol 1 & 2:  B&W = 98HKD  ,  With Artist's Signature =  118 HKD

                               Coloured = 118HKD  ,  With Artist's Signature =  138 HKD

           Vol 3: All editions 128 HKD (no autographed version)


Note: I may not be able to secure signed copies.


Allow me to present A BETTER TOMORROW hardcover books (3 Volumes)! Previously, I managed to secure orders for A Chinese Ghost Story and hope to bring to Media Psychos the talented artist's other product.


VOLUME 1.0 : 2 EDITIONS (B&W and Coloured Covers)


B&W Cover (Front)



B&W Cover (Back)



Coloured Cover (Front)



Coloured Cover (Back)




VOLUME 2.0 : 2 EDITIONS (B&W and Coloured Covers)



B&W Cover (Front) [Left of picture]



B&W Cover (Back)




Coloured Cover (Front)



Coloured Cover (Back)




VOLUME 3.0 : 2 EDITIONS (B&W and Coloured Covers) -- ONLY FOR PREORDER 


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17 minutes ago, ksosk said:

The content inside the book will be the same for the 2 editions per volume.

This is how the illustrations look like.










I’m interested and would join this GB!😊


16 minutes ago, ksosk said:

@8 Trigram I am still awaiting confirmation for A Chinese Ghost Story.

There may not be any stock left.


K, did you forget about me?🤔


As I asked you to run me down “A Chinese Ghost Story” also?🤔


i forgot judith light GIF by Transparent



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8 hours ago, ksosk said:

@8 Trigram I am still awaiting confirmation for A Chinese Ghost Story.

There may not be any stock left.

Thanks @ksosk for the update. I appreciate your patience and help in this matter.


yes, I am definitely interested in the group buy for the Better Tomorrow books. Let's do it! 👍

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