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Der Biggels-Effekt (OT: Biggles) (Wicked Vision Collector's Edition #??) (Blu-ray/DVD Mediabook) [Germany]


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Release: ?

Link (Wicked Shop): ?

Price: ?

Limited: ?



Another announcement from Wicked Vision (this is the next-to-last, then I'm finish, for now :D ) : In 1986 the British director John Hough (The Legend of Hell House, Twins of Evil) directed this sci-fi adventure movie based on a novel series (created by W. E. Johns in 1932, and continued until 1999). In it, Neil Dickson (Eragon, Lionheart), Alex Hyde-White (Pertty Woman, Indiana Jones and the Last Crusade) and Peter Cushing (Dracula, The Curse of Frankenstein) involuntarily travel through time, as salesmen Jim Ferguson from 1986 (Alex Hyde-White) and 1917s Royal Flying Corps pilot James Bigglesworth discover that they are time twins. On a sad note, this movie marks Cushings last movie (4 years after the diagnosis of his terminal cancer, with the doctors only predicting his life to last 12-18 months - he lived another 12 years(!), but retired from his movie career after this performance, being 73 years old).

The first announcement Wicked made about this movie was last year, and they said it will be the 35th anniversary edition of the movie. For Germany I am not sure if this had a DVD release, it definately didn't have a Blu-ray release yet. The only thing I can find online is the old German VHS edition (even Schnittberichte doesn't list anything else), so probably an digital and HD premiere for us, in a Mediabook, which Wicked promisses will be packed with bonus material. Also, according to Wicked Vision, this will be the very first time this movie is released uncut for us Germans. Yey! Of course for the rest of the world the list of extras and English-friendlyness would be interesting, but we don't have any other information yet. However, you can still consider getting it by the cover artworks. Typically, there are three covers, cover A using the old German VHS cover artwork, cover B the original poster artwork, and cover C I could not find out - maybe a newly comissioned artwork? I do not know (if you do, please share your knowledge with us :D ).

That's all about the edition. As always, I am interested in your thoughts about the movie, the cover artworks, and if you consider this edition worth your money or if you have any other editions of this movie that you consider better. Let us know and as always, I'll end with the trailer. Enjoy:




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Hi again @pygospa and @Veum ;

This show was a pretty big hit in the UK for a while and did well enough in Canada as well.

I recall both my daughter and I enjoyed it in the early '90s when it came out on vhs.

I never did end up buying it in Blu but there is a copy available at Amazon with this cover;

Biggles: Adventures in Time [Blu-ray]


I could easily see me picking this up and I quite like Cover B, personally, though the colour scheme for Cover C is quite lovely. 🙂

I'm looking forward to seeing what they elect to include for extras!

Thanks again for Posting! 😀

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News, news, news.





Biggles will be the No. 39 of Wicked's Collector's Series. Release will be Sept. 25th of this year, and pre-orders have already begun a few days ago!

Again, there will be a limited and numbered collectors card for the first 100 preorders (and only at the Wicked shop).


Regarding the extras, there is quite a lot:

  • "My Friends Call Me Biggles" - Interview with Neil Dickson
  • "A Matter of Time" - Interview with Alex Hyde-White
  • "The Stunts of Biggles" - Interview with stuntman Dinny Powell  (this is an exclusive extra to this release)
  • "Saturday Superstore" (1986) [TV recording]
  • "Blue Peter" (1986) [TV recording]
  • Making-of documentation
  • Music videos
  • Game promotion video
  • German + original trailer
  • TV adverts
  • picture galery
  • 24 page booklet featuring an essay from Christoph N Kellerbach
  • Original stereo audio track for German and English, as well as German and English subtitles
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PS: There is also a "Re-Cut" trailer that Wicked uploaded, which is probably most interesting for the really great HD quality (compared to what I linked above). So here you go:


And for all the German readers (are there any reading my lengthy mediabook news posts?!), there is also one with German dubbing, in case you need it:




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