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Terror (Anolis Phantastische Klassiker - Die 70er #03) (Blu-ray Mediabook) [Germany]


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Release: 30.06.2020

Link (Wicked Shop, amongst others): Cover A, Cover B

Price: ~ €30,00 (depending on the shop)



Just yesterday I referenced one of their last releases in another thread, now they announce their next one: Anolis (yes, not Wicked Vision :D please bear that in mind, those Anolis releses are quite different to what you might know when you expect a Wicked release) is continuing in their "fantastic classics" series in the subseries "the 70s": "Terror". That gives us up to now:

  • "Die 60er": 1) The Satan Bug (1965), 2) The Sorcerers (1967), 3) Kaitei daisensô [The Terror Beneath the Sea] (1966), 4) Tales of Terror (1962)
  • "Die 70er": 1) Willard (1971), 2) Ben (1972), 3) Terror (1978)
  • "Die 80er": 1) Forbidden World (1982), 2) Silent Night, Deadly Night (1984)

As usual with Anolis this title will be released in two different Cover variants. Cover A is showing the classic movie poster, while cover B has even the most knowledgable movie scientists puzzled (at least on Facebook :D ) : It's an artwork based on the Italian movie poster. As extras, there is an audio commentary (in German) by the famous Anolis trio: Dr. Rolf Giesen, Uwe Sommerlad and Volker Kronz (all three movie scientists), there's a documentation on John Nolan (he's the Uncle of Christopher Nolan), and the short movie "Fragment" (1965) by the same director, besides the usual extras, plus a 20 page booklet by David Renske.


The movie is a 1978 British independant supernatural horror film, directed by Norman J. Warren and written by David McGillivary, staring John Nolan (Dark Knight trilogy, Dunkirk) and Carolyn Courage (Space: 1999, The Onedin Line), who play two cousins who fall victim to a curse, that 300 years ago a witch placed on their family, while she was executed by their ancestor. It's an rather unconventional horror movie that was heavily inspired by Suspiria, which is why critics wrote rather mixed reviews. Still it was a commercial success, and has already seen releases by Powerhouse Indicator, Vinegar Syndrome and Video Service in English speaking countries; for Germany it's a premiere at least on Blu-ray and DVD, although I also cannot find any information on a VHS release (but I guess Anolis would have advertised it, so I'm unsure).

PS: Just to make sure - you don't have to buy this from Wicked, it is available on all German and Austrian Blu-ray sellers (OFDb, Pretz, etc.) and maybe even Amazon. I just linked Wicked because it's the place where I buy my stuff and I know the few of you that might be interested in this, also had good experiences with Wicked and like to get their stuff from there.
PPS: If you want this, make sure to be fast though, it's limited and Anolis is always pretty low and sold out fast.

What cover is your favorite? Do you know the movie? Will you get this one? I'm interested in your input.

And to close this post, here's the trailer:


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Hi @pygospa, @Veum and I see @Hollywood E Rock  and @RAK have joined our little team...🙂

Oh boy, lots to unpack here...

I'll start off by saying that there are certainly some in the Anolis 'classics' line that have my interest, such as;

- 'The Satan Bug', awesome sci-fi/political thriller with Richard Basehart (from Voyage ...Sea  tv series)

- The original 'Willard' with Ernest Borgnine, and Elsa Lanchester, and

- 'The Sorcerers' with Karloff (not a great film but certainly an interesting premise)


I have this particular film,  "Terror" as part of the Indicator: Warren Box set.

It's not bad, just disappointing.

The body count is what screws this up I think, as some folks are killed for no discernible reason.

As you've alluded, there's a Witches' curse to deal with but the curse was meant for specific family members, why the hell are all these other people dying?

Despite the trailer giving the illusion there's a homicidal killer stalking pretty girls, that's NOT the plot!

Anyway, I won't give too much away but I don't need more than one copy of this I'm afraid. 🙂

Cover A is similar to the Indicator set but Cover B has a nice little creepy vibe to it.

Were I to make a recommendation though, I'd suggest getting the Indicator set, as it has 5 cheapie horror fliks vice 1 for not much more coin;

- (currently 45 quid at Zavvi) 🙂



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Uh, totally overlooked your answer @Grendel, sorry. I am aware of this Indicator release, this is one I was pondering about to get, but I couldn't bring my self to doing it, yet (plus also a financial thing, with all the other things I am also getting). I am normally not the guy who double-dips, but as this boxset has only just one movie that would be double, and because I do collect those three classic series and have all the spine numbers, I would feel bad, if I skip one :D .oO( I hate those little psychological tricks these labels are using. These bastards! :D ).

But because maybe I might be getting this release in the future, I decided to go with cover B, so I don't have the same designs :D I am never a fan of same designs, when I double dip.

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^^ Hi @pygospa 🙂

I think you will be well served picking up the Indicator "Warren Set".

I'm not the biggest fan of Warren but I do recognize that some of his fliks are entertaining popcorn fare and so picked them up.


I am a big fan however, of Indicator, as they are one of the few distributors that go to great length to ensure their presentations are the best they could provide.

I do not have everything they've produced but I do have a lot of 'em. 🤗

I very much appreciate that their box sets are not just a digi-pack crammed with the films but each receive their own case and usually a booklet as well.


I think you will be entertained by the fliks in the mentioned box set and I don't foresee Anolis duplicating too many titles from their selections, so you should be in good stead picking it up whilst still concentrating on Anolis releases. 😀

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  • 1 month later...

I've got my copy the last days, and finally got around taking a few pictures. This release comes with a 20-page booklet, which for Anolis is at the lower spectrum end, and apparently there isn't much alternative artworks available on this. Only two movie posters and a couple of lobby cards are featured (normally you'd get a handful of different poster artworks from all around the globe). Still this is really high level criticism. The booklet is as informative as always, the artwork looks good, its once more a leather-like rough structure finish.

As for the master used, there is no information I could make out, but I guess it's probably the same master that power House Indicator and Vinegar Syndrome used (though I cannot be sure as I don't have those releases to compare with). On the side of the extras, however, the ph Indicator is much better equipped. Here's what Anolis has to offer - bold bullet points mean it's Anolis exclusive,  non-bold means it's shared with ph Indicators release:

  • Audio commentary w/ Dr. Rolf Giesen, Uwe Sommerlad and Volker Kronz (in German)
  • Tales of Terror - John Nolan
  • The Early Years
  • Fragment (1965) - Short movie
  • US theatrical trailer, vintage US trailer, TV spot, Radio spot, picture gallery.

So, besides the trailers which are not the most interesting extras in my book, it's just the Fragment short movie and the audio commentary that you'd get extra (besides the great booklet) - both of the last two however just in German. This is what you get (additionally to the shared extras above) with indicator:

  • Audio commentary w/ Warren and screenwriter McGillivray
  • Bloody Good Fun - archival documentary on making of Terror
  • Norman J. Warren - A Sort of Autobiography
  • Four extended scenes w/ introduction by Warren
  • Norman J Warren Presents Horrorshow
  • Daddy Cross - trailer for a 1978 'lost film'
  • Original theatrical trailer
  • French theatrical trailer

This might answer any questions owners of the "Bloody Terror" blu-ray boxset from indicator might have. As for the Vinegar Syndrome release is a different thing. The extras are:

  • Exclusive audio interview w/ Norman J. Warren, conducted by Kat Ellinger
  • Brand new Interviews with Norman J. Warren, David McGillivray, Carolyn Courage, Tricia Walsh, Mary Maude, and Peter Craze
  • Deleted and extended scenes

So with this release, all the extras Anolis has to offer are additional extras you don't already own. But instead of paying 30€ for the Digibook you might decide to rather go with the £45 boxset containing five movies instead of one.

Still, as I am into Anolis releases and am collecting those 60s, 70s and 80s releases from them, I had to get this, anyhow; even though I might get the Bloody Terror box from pH Indicator as well (wich is why I opted for this cover artwork and not the one that is also used by Indicator).











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