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Madhouse (Wicked Vision Collector's Edition #??) (Blu-ray/DVD Mediabook) [Germany]


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Release: ?

Link (Wicked Shop): ?

Price: ?

Limited: ?



Another "first information and sneak peak on the covers" thread for another coming release from Wicked Visions: Another British horror movie from 1974 that is directed by Jim Clark for Amicus Production, called Madhouse. This movie stars Vincent Price ("House of Usher", "The Abominable Dr. Phibes"), Peter Cushing ("Dracula", "The Curse of Frankenstein") and Robert Quarry ("Count Yorga, Vampire", "Dr. Phibes Rises Again") in a story about an horror actor, who's onscreen persona becomes real and starts killing; even though acquitted of the crime, he spends time in a mental hospital and in the end isn't sure anymore - did he, or did he not?

The three different covers again feature the original movie poster as cover A, as well as two newly commissioned artworks (cover B and C). No information on extras yet, but Wicked says there will be exclusive bonuses as well. Here's the trailer:





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So very happy to see a nice MB release for this little gem!

I love Amicus films! Almost as much as Hammer (which they shared more than the occasional Star and Director with).

Price is so awesome, as usual.

I personally, am leaning toward the iconic poster art on Cover A in this case but I agree that Cover C is very nice as well.

That girl on the rh side of cover B sort of reminds me of Karen Black with that hair style, from "Burnt Offerings" (awesome) and "Trilogy Of Terror" films.

It is of course, Linda Hayden, from such fliks as "Blood On Satan's Claw" one of my all time fave period piece horror fliks. 🙂

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Hmm, dang, that Cover B is looking more enticing each time I view it.

I know some folk that absolutely abhor 'Floating Heads' used as cover art but I dunno, in my weird and quirky way, I kinda like them...🤪

The cover A art is on the amaray though, so no need double dipping for it, so...

Cover B for me (not like it was a big thing, um, I guess...🤡)

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Just wanted to quickly say, that one of the attracting virtues of Cover B (for me) is them showing Price in 'normal' guise' front and foremost with the antagonistic 'shadow' in view behind him.

That adds a wee bit of subversion, as it tries to goad one into thinking they are different entities. Pretty cool. 🙂

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News. News. News, pt. 2


Together with their no. 38 of the Wicked Vision Collector's Edition they also announced their no. 40, which for some reasons didn't get so much attention by Wicked (regarding posts and advertisement) compared to their no. 39. But anyways, Madhouse will be the no. 40, and it is already open for pre-orders:

If you get covers A or B, and you are one of the 100 first pre-orderers, you'll again get the typical wicked vision collectors card, but if you get cover C, there will - once more - be a special limited card with personalisation and signed by the artworker Timo Wuerz, for the first 111 pre-orderers.


Other than that there is not much on the discs, unfortunately:

  • New audio commentary with David Del Valle and Phoef Sutton from 2019
  • "Revenge of Dr. Death" (Making of)
  • Trailers
  • Picture gallery.

Release date is the same as Biggels: Sept. 25th. And again, wicked uploaded a new re-cut trailer with the new HD material, so don't look at the one linked above, but instead, here you go:


German dubbing:




PS: If you are wondering - no. 40 did not get a post but was announced together with 39, so there is no promotion picture showing the 3 covers, this is only seen in the YouTube trailer videos.

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And last but not least: Madhouse. Here I was once more lucky enough to get one of those collectors cards, and again one that is signed by the artworker (and one of my favorit artists, Timo Wuerz). Also, you might know that this label is primary done by Daniel Perée, and if you look into the booklets you'll often find that a lot of pictures are actually from his private collection, which is yet another indicator that this label is done out of passion.

















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