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Frightmare (Wicked Vision's Pete Walker Collection #4) (Blu-ray/DVD Mediabook) [Germany]


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Release: 26.06.2020

Link (Wicked Shop): Cover A, Cover B, Cover C

Price: €29,99

Limited: 444 (Cover A) + 222 (Cover B) + 222 (Cover C)



In 2017 Wicked Vision started with yet another series of Mediabooks, this one dedicated to the British director Pete Walker, who from 1967 to 1983 did 16 movies in the horror and sexploitation genre. After releasing the titles "Hose of Whipcord" (1974), "House of Mortal Sin" (1976) and "The Flesh and Blood Show" (1972), the number 4 will be the 1974 british horror film "Frightmare", which you might also know as "Cover Up" or "Once Upon a Frightmare". "Frightmare" is said to be Walkers most notable film, with rather positive reviews by critics. It stars Rubert Davis (Dracula has Risen from the Grave, Curse of the Crimson Altar) and Sheila Keith (House of Whipcord, House of Mortal Sin), who play a married couple that have been released from a mental asylum.

Wicked will be the first to release this movie in HD in Europe, and this title really has an interesting history in Germany: The movie was released uncut on VHS but in 1984 the BPjM indexed the movie to their "A list", i.e. movies that are allowed to be owned and sold, but only if asked for "under the counter" with no allowance to advertise it openly - in general this means no one will release it in Germany, because without advertisement no one knows if a release actually exists. However, in 2004, there was another short lived release of the movie, by Koch Media on DVD. They simply didn't know about the indexing, so they send it in to the FSK, got a FSK16 (!) seal and released it. Once the error got public, this release also got purged from the market, as an indexed title will stay index for 25 years. In 2009, after 25 years, the BPjM reevaluated the movie and decided that it is still too dangerous for our youth and re-indexed it (even though a new FSK examination would have probably rated it FSK 16, which would make it immune for indexing, as German law only allows indexing for movies so brutal that they don't get a FSK rating). After 36 years of being on the index, Wicked Vision posted a request for removing and was successful.

The movie will be released in three cover artworks, with cover A featuring the classic movie poster, covers B and C seem to be newly commissioned artworks, with no information by whom. Besides a 24 page booklet by David Renske, there are two audio commentaries (one will be in German, the other is with director Pete Walker and cinematographer Peter Jessop, so it will be in English), and then there are 3 additional Featurettes with Pete Walker and Sheila Keith.

And in good tradition, let's stop this post with the trailer:




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Here's my copy of Frightmare which recently arrived. Wicked Vision upgraded their bonus cards as it seems. They are now larger than the mediabook itself, and two-sided. I was no. 64 amongst the first 200 to preorder so I got one of these numbered cards as special gift. Luckily for me, the card features the artwork of cover A, and I actually chose cover b. Unfortunately cover C is not featured at all - it was one of the covers I was also interested in (I found it hard to chose, and tossed a coin).

As for the extras taking a look at what's out there, I only found Amaray releases, none had any booklets, only one listed extras. All of the extras that are featured with the US Redemption release are also part of the Wicked release - printed in bold are those extras that are (as it seems - at least for now) exclusive to this release by Wicked Vision:

  • Audio commentary w/ Pete Walker and cinematographer Peter Jessop
  • Audio commentary w/ Lars Dreyer-Winkelmann (German)
  • Interview w/ Pete Walker
  • "Frightful Thoughts - Pete Walker on Frightmare" (featurette)
  • "Sheila Keight: A Nice Old Lady?" (featurette)
  • Picture galery
  • Trailer

There is another release with the same title but from 1983, that has releases by Vinegar Syndrome and Slasher Classics Collection - these should not be mixed up with this release.














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