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Miss Peregrine and Strange Children 3D (A3 Size Poster with Postcard Set)Amazon Japan Limited Edition Steelbook


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Release Date - 2 June 2017

Price -  ¥6,696

Purchase Link  - Link

Notes - 

 Amazon.co.jp limited 
steel book specification [Limited production] 
· A3 size with poster! 

 arrival purchaser benefits: Tim Burton's concept art post card set (four 1 set) ※ Size: one horizontal 100 × Vertical 148 mm 

Tim Burton invites new 
wonder land The fantasy adventure awaits by the amazing adventure beyond time is 

the most strange in the history of Tim Burton. 

<Cast & Staff> 
Miss Peregrine ... Eva Green (Park Mi Mi) 
Jake ... Eisa 
Butterfield (Mamoru Miyano) Baron ... Samuel L. Jackson (Kenta Tetsuaki) 
Emma ... Ella Parnell (Hanazawa Kana) 
Miss · Avon Set ... Judy · Dench (Valley Ikko) 
Ave ... Terence · Stamp (Takashi Inagaki) 

Director: Tim Burton 
Producer: Peter · Charnin, pga / Geno · Toppings, pga Screenplay 
: Jane · Goldman 
Original: Ransom · Riggs 

● Subtitle Translation: Inada Sagiri ri ● Dubbing translation: Kubo Yoshiaki 

Jake, who was born and raised in Florida, is a solitary boy who does not get around. That grandfather, his only understanding, made a mysterious death. Jake, who visited a small island following his grandfather 's will, found an old mansion in the back of the forest. There lived beautifully and strict Miss Peregrin and strange children. Soon after having a dreamlike moment, Jake, who reminded himself of themselves, noticed some "power" that they had lived, confronted with the terrifying threats approaching the mansion ... .... 

● New fantasy 
adventure directed by Tim Burton! "Alice in Wonderland" "Charlie and the Chocolate Factory" The latest works of hit makers who continue to attract the world! 
● "Wonders of strange children Friendship "and" Amazing adventure ". Screenplay is 
Jane Goldman who is active in 'Kingsman', 'X-MEN: Future & Past' and so on. 
Draw a story of strange children's strange 
friendship and amazing adventure with a bizarre unexpected story development ! ● Individuality Kimotsu "Kimyo cute" Children The 
lighter girl than air, a boy who keeps a bee in the stomach, Children with different abilities such as girls who have flames from their fingertips are "KIMMO cute" !! 
● Miyano Miho is appointed for dubbing the main character in Japanese ● luxurious 
skill school casts are gathered ! 
Academy ( R) Actress Judy · Dench, Samuel · L · Jackson, Eva · Green, Terence · Stamp, Rupert · Everett gathering luxury casts! 
● Blu-ray shooting shooting behind the scenes and comments of major casts, including a total of over 100 minutes of luxurious image benefits! 

【3D Blu-ray】
3D compatible TV, 3D compatible playback equipment, 3D compatible Dedicated glasses are required. 
Please refrain from viewing when feeling abnormalities such as dizziness, nausea, discomfort while viewing 3D video. 
Please refer to the owner's manual of the 3D compatible device or the support information of the internet etc. regarding the influence on health concerning 3D viewing. 

【2D Blu-ray】
※ All bilingual disc only recording privilege ● Strange 
 Strange fellows 
- Ave (Terence · Stamp) 
- Miss · Peregrine (Eva Green) 
- Jake (Eisa Butterfield) 
- Emma Parnell) 

Bronwin (Pixie Davies) - Claire (La Fayela · Chapman) 
- Olive (Lauren · Macstay ) 
- Enoch (Finley · Mac Millan ) 
- Fiona (Georgia · 
Pemberton ) - Horace (Hayden · Keeler 
- Stone) - Hugh ( Milo Parker) 
- Millard (Cameron King) 
- Twin (Thomas · Odwell Joseph · Odwell) 
- Miss Abode Set (Judy · Denchi ) 
- Victor (Louis Davison) 
· Hollow Gas and Evolution System 
· Stage of Location Shooting Back 
- Miss Peregrine House 
- Blackpool Tower 






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