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Passengers (with 2 L size photo card) Amazon Japan Limited Edition Steelbook


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Release Date - 2 august 2017

Price -  ¥6,264

Purchase Link  - Link

Notes - A steel book spec appears with Amazon.co.jp Limited to "Passenger"! 
In addition, as a limited privilege on Amazon.co.jp, 2 L size photo card is attached. 

【Amazon.co.jp Limited Rewards】
· 1 piece with 2 L size photo card 

Jennifer · Lawrence × Chris · Pratt Passengers 5,000 passengers 

, 120 years of universe journey to their destination . 
Two people who woke up as early as 90 years, who could not have met on Earth -. 
What is the decision to lay upon the future of humanity, given in a world of just two people. 

<Story> In 20 
XX years, aiming at a new place of residence, the luxury spacecraft Avalon with 5,000 people left the earth. 
120 years until arrival at the destination planet. Only two men and women will wake up as early as 90 years among passengers who sleep in hibernating equipment. 
Engineer Jim (Chris Pratt) and author Aurora (Jennifer Lawrence), who could not have met on Earth, fell in a fierce love in a spaceship like an isolated island. 
While seeking each other in desperate circumstances, trying to find a way to live somehow, some unexpected happens to destabilize their destinies .... 

Aurora · Lane: Jennifer · Lawrence (Mizuki Nana) 
Jim · Preston: Chris Pratt 
(Shimon Komatsu) Arthur: Michael Scene (Muraji) 
Gas · Mancuso: Lawrence Fishburne (Terunaki Genda) 
Norris Captain: Andy Garcia 

Video reward> (total of about 76 minutes) "main volume disc" (total of about 51 minutes) 
 undisclosed scene (8 kinds) 
 universe scene (8 types) ★ the universe to be drawn on the screen: about the visual effect 
 Chris · Pratt at the shooting site 
until the Avalon 
 NG scene 
 CM (4 types) of Homestead Co., Ltd. 
 About casting 

"Award Disk" (total of about 25 minutes) 
 Aiming for Planet 

 Behind the Scenes of Production  Bonus only for Blu-ray 

 Concert of Super Gorgeous Cast ! 
Recorded a huge hit worldwide in the "Hanger / Game" series, and won the Academy Award Best Actress Award in "One Playbook in the World", now Hollywood's Hottest Young Performance Actress Oscar Actress Jennifer Lawrence . 
And "Children of the wild men" who is calling a topic in appearances to the action movie "Magnificent Seven" by a super masterpiece such as "Guardians of Galaxy" "Jurassic World" and even gorgeous casts . 
This seasonal cast The overwhelming acting weaving together two gorgeous signboards, the SF drama still unprecedented has been born! 

The space cruises of the near future world drawn with beautiful images and overwhelming visual effects. 
The 89th Academy Awards® Art Nomination Nomination! 
While using the latest VFX abundantly, on the other hand, in order to derive a more realistic performance of the cast, it is a video expression that actually mixes the set together, effectively expressing the universe as the stage of the work and precisely living there And draw out grandly. 
Also, by the staff who became the Academy Award candidate in "Inception", spaceships and various gadgets of unprecedented design were born. Express the space navigation of the near future world that nobody has seen before, with overwhelming persuasive power. 

Two people who woke up as soon as 90 years, could not have met on Earth. ... is a hopeless defeated situation decision 
by "some reason", two people who had awakened early as 90 years than planned. 
Is this a "tragedy" or "destiny"? Or is it "inevitable" because of human beings - 
a delicate and dense drama depicted on a cosmic scale. 
In the swell of the great destiny that carries the future of mankind, I can not take my eyes off from the impressive drama with two thrilling trying to find the last hope. 

 The director is aiming at directing 
the complex heart movements of men and women falling in love in a closed space called Molten Tirudum spacecraft, which was a candidate for the director's prize for Academy Award "Imitation Game / Secret of Enigma and genius mathematicians "Molten Tirudum, an attention director who became an Academy Award® Director's Award candidate. We did not rely solely on CG, dare to make a giant gorgeous spacecraft, and built the real world image world by having the two leading actors perform in it. 






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