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La La Land (with original ticket holder) Amazon Japan Limited Edition Steelbook


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Release Date - 2 august 2017

Price -  ¥7,236 

Purchase Links  - Link

Notes - 2 Disc ( Pre-order gift includes original ticket holder )

Early buy 

privilege : With original ticket holder! Everything you see is falling in love, the best musical entertainment 

"The 89th Academy Award, the most winning 6 categories winning! Everything you see falls in love, the finest musical entertainment! " 
 Sweeping the world's movie prize & praising! In the Golden Globe Awards, it is a great achievement of the seven prize winning awards. 
And at the 89th Oscar Academy Awards, we won the awards for the director, the leading actress, the photography award, the art prize, the composer award, and the theme song award (City of Stars), the largest of six 
categories !  The shock which swept the prize race A masterpiece "Session" genius, directed by Deimian Chazel! 
 Starring Ryan Gosling of "Drive", Emma Stone of "Amazing Spider-Man". 
In addition, "Session" JK Simmons, top musicians, John Legend also appeared. 
Worldwide hit. And in Japan also recorded 
phenomena, recording record hits!  Adopt MGVC (master grade video coding) which expresses high quality video on this volume Blu-ray! 
The limited number of steel books are original in Japan. 
 Steel book specifications will end as soon as the stock runs out due to quantity limitation 

[Content Explanation] 
Los Angeles, a city where people want to realize their dreams. 
Working at a cafe in a movie studio, Mia was aiming for an actress, but even after receiving an audition a few times it has fallen. 
One day, Mia is attracted by the performance of a pianist at the shop at the end. 
His name is Cebu, having one's own shop someday and hoping to play his favorite jazz as much as possible. 
Eventually they fall in love and support each other's dreams. 
However, the success of the band that Cebu entered to build the funds of the shop, the two minds will pass each other ... .... 

[Special content / benefits] 
Limited steel book version of collector's edition (main volume BD + bonus BD 2 sheet set). 
Fan must-have saved version! 

"Inclusion benefits" (※ planned) 
- booklet 

"extras" (※ planned) 
[main Blu-ray] 
audio commentary by 1 director and composer 
in love with 2 Los Angeles 
3 Ryan & 
Emma third time co-star 4 notice editing 
5 Cast staff profile (Still) 
6 Production Notes (still image) 

[privilege Blu-ray] 
1 "Another Day Of Sun" shooting untold story of the highway 
the back side of the 2 party scene 
3 Ryan Gosling enthusiasm for piano 
4 Chazeru supervision of thought applied to the musical 
behind-the-scenes of 5 music production 
actor debut of 6 John Legend 
set no 7 compromise and costumes 
8 ending scene of behind-the-scenes 
9 composer sings "a - Lovely Night "and" City of Stars " 
10 Chinese Theater in the supervision interview 
11 open Emma Stone & staff interviews in the spotlight 
12 Ryan Gosling × Deimian-Chazeru supervision Japan interview 

[staff cast] 
[ CAST] 
Sebastian: Ryan Gosling 
Mia: Emma Su Over emissions 
Tracy: Curry Hernandez 
Alexis: Jessica Rosenberg 
Caitlin: Sonoya Mizuno 
roller: Rose Marie Devitt 
Building: J · K Simmons 
Greg: fin-Whitlock 




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