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Blufans No Time To Die (Blufans Exclusive #70) (WEA Steelbook) [China]


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No Time To Die (Blufans Exclusive #70) (WEA Steelbook) [China]

Release Date: End of June 2023 
Retailer Price: TBA
Limited: TBA

Note: First BOND film to be Blufans Exclusive



Artwork and contents subject to change by retailer


One Click



Double Lenticular




Single Lenticular (One Click only)



Full Slip (One Click only)







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I have heard nothing about this, so it’s even news to me ! ;)

I would suggest they keep the print run very low to attract interest. Otherwise it could be hanging around for a long time.
As previously mentioned, they did do an OAB of Spectre, but you can’t give them away. So I don’t see collectors piling in to get a copy of this. 

I fully understand they are looking for outlets while the problems with Disney/Fox continue, but I personally don’t think this is the best of choices. 
Just my opinion of course. :D

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4 minutes ago, txfosho said:


Are you talking premiums?

Best buy did 4k of first 4 Craig movies but not sure about premiums. I bet James bond blufans dl would look nice. Can't wait to see new movie with Ana de Armas from br2049 in it.😁




For sure, yeah I have seen those. Thanks

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I admire that and how Sir Sean Connery brought Bond to life and shaped it into a legend.
I appreciate the way Sir Roger Moore perfectly integrated wry British humor into the character.
I enjoyed watching renowned Shakespearean actor Timothy Dalton deliver a serious, hard-edged Bond for the first time.
And I give Pierce Brosnan credit for how he managed to create a gentleman's Bond that people liked to watch precisely because the cliché was just perfectly executed.

But Daniel Craig, even more so than Dalton - helped by the story line that consistently evolves over the five films - gave the character a previously unexisting depth.


And so - even if, as Buddy @Veum has already pointed out, it's always a question of personal taste - in my view there is something to be gained from every Bond "epoch".
And since Craig's Bond remains the most complex figure for me so far, I would be more than happy about a - after all, first - 007 Premium Edition and it would be - as well as for @Squeegie McGee and @Gary K - an instant buy for me (OC please !!!)


And @Boilersteel, I think You won't be disappointed - after all it's Blufans.

So, IF (!) this edition comes to life and it actually becomes a WEA-Steel, then it will most likely be breathtaking.


Therefore I hope they will come up with it before it's time to die... 😎


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  • R1s1ngs0n changed the title to No Time To Die (Blufans Exclusive #70) (WEA Steelbook) [China]

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