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The Ring-Limited Legacy Collection [Germany]


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Release : 20.03.2020

Link: Amazon

Price: €25,99

Limited: ???


Are you like me and missed out on the beautiful Arrow Collection collecting the classic Japanese "Ringu" Ring movies? Or maybe you didn't want to have Amarays even if they are from Arrow? I myself am pretty happy that today, by accident, I found this DigiPak release at Amazon - there are no information on extras, masters used, etc. but hopefully and probably this will be the same masters that where created some years ago by Arrow. It's toe only other collection of this movies, i.e. you can get most of them separately in most countries, but all together in one "premium" package - that was only available via Arrow video, till now. And for 25€ its by far cheaper than the original asking price from Arrow, and even more so if you try to get those by Arrow nowadays (at Amazon the third party asking price seems to be £100,-).


Most people will probably know at least the story of these films: A videotape is going around and everybody who watches it, will die seven days later. To save her son a mother then tries to lift the secret surrounding this mysterious legend and break the curse. The original Japanese quadrillogy, that is based on the Japanese novel trilogy by Koji Suzuki, is rather famous with horror aficionados and friends of Japanese cinema alike. For a western audience there was a Hollywood remake by Gore Verbinski staring Naomi Watts, that was well received by the general audience but friends of the original movies and movie critics alike never cease to insist that the originals are far superior. Here are the HD trailers for the first two movies:







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PS: Non-German/Non-Japanese speakers should probably wait until further specifications are out. I will try to update this as soon as possible. But pretty common for German releases this will probably only come in original soundtrack (i.e. Japanese) and German dubbing, and also the vast majority of German releases will unfortunately not feature English subtitles (which I think is a shame, given that they do not take up any space, they won't cost extra as they do already exist and do not need to be created and that adding them would make this release more accessible to people out there).

Also I don't know why the links in the post are not transformed into the YouTube videos, as they used to. Sorry for that :(

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Okey, so finally some information on the Amazon product side:

  • Only the BD-Version will be in DigiPak, the DVD-Version will be a "fullslip" with Amarays
  • A 12-paged booklet will be included in the DigiPak edition
  • it's "strictly limited", however no information on the number of copies or if they'll be individually numbered (probably not)
  • A lot of extras will be added (~ 75 Minutes), including interviews with the director, behind the scenes and deleted scenes, audio commentaries (no information about with whom or what languages), and the original soundtrack in Japanese in 6.1 DTS is listed as extra.
  • it will be the "uncut cinema edits"
  • FSK logo will be removable

And regarding the disk specs they list:

  • Language: Japanese (DTS-HD 6.1), German (DTS-HD 5.1)
  • Subtitles: German
  • Region: Region B/2

So this is unfortunately not English-friendly at all. A shame, as I've just realized that Arrow's release actually only includes Ring, Ring 2 and Ring 0, making this the world wide completest set available on Blu-ray, as it also has Ring Spiral.日本語がわかる人のみ, oder nur für die, die Deutsch verstehen...

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