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Fanatic 1917 (Fanatic Selection Exclusive #4) (WWA 4K UHD/2D Blu-ray Steelbook) [China]


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3 hours ago, Grendel said:

Are there still plans for a GB for this @extantsrevenge ? ( or anyone that might know...🙂)


We've had GBs for the other Fanatics releases so I expect we'll have one for this too. Quantities will be limited I'm sure.

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34 minutes ago, xSNAKExPLISSKENx said:

Excellent, hopefully they do this amazing film justice 


12 minutes ago, Jaksu said:

Thanks @DodgyDave


Don’t get too excited though. 
It will be harder to get a copy of this, than a pound out of my pocket.

(And that’s nigh on impossible :D )

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5 hours ago, Hardcore said:

Is there any special requirement to participate in this gb if any or did i miss something?


No, the GB isn't up yet. However, premium members are given preference when our allocation is less than demand. 

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3 hours ago, mjk said:

it cant be more popular than Frozen ii  cant it? that was easy to get

Frozen 2 was a 2K print run and without film discs. Not the most popular film either. 

1917 will be lucky to get to 500 print run. Endgame was 500 but Cap Marvel and OATIH were 250.


I have no idea what the print run will be for 1917, but it will be low and it will be popular. (If they stick a lenti on it like OATIH, then it will fly.)

So, the sum of all that equals "hard to get"


Hopefully many members will get a copy. We will see.

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9 hours ago, Jaksu said:

Hopefully this movie is not gonna be too popular/hot release, because war movies usually aren't.  At least what I've seen. @DodgyDave




1917, with its "one shot" is certainly hyped up. It wasn't a great film by any standards. 

That will have no effect on the demand for this release though. Once upon a time in Hollywood was not a great film either, but put 250 print run on something and everyone wants one.


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