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The best 5.1 example


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Yesterday at home, doubting what music to play while I drink something calmly when I come from  work, I asked myself: what is the music album with the best 5.1 mix I have?


It is hard to say. There is very well done music in 5.1 format.


I have some Pink Floyd editions whose version 5.1 I love. And the Blu-Ray Audio's  I have ... I think are wonderful, jewels that -probably- will disappear from the market, and that, however, allow you to enjoy that music at an amazing level of quality.


Listening Queen "A night at the Opera" on DTS HD 5.1 is blessed glory. "Bohemian Rhapsody" at that level of quality resonates as if I had each group member next to me. "No, no, no, no!!!"


The choice is not easy, because there are also very different types of music that can take advantage of five audio channels, and the subwoofer.


I like how other 5.1 albums sound with other types of music. Ryuichi Sakamoto and Bob Marley are very different music but they sound good that way.


Even putting a good jazz record in 5.1 is a great little delicatessen. "Baker's Holiday" by Chet Baker, or "A love supreme" by John Coltrane, on Blu-ray Audio sounds really good.


But after much thought, and finishing the drink while browsing, I came to the conclusion that if I have to choose the best 5.1 mix of a music album, it's "Aero", by Jean-Michel Jarre. I have not found a single 5.1 mix of music, and not even in movies ... not even actually, that takes advantage of the spatiality of sound, the five channels, everything so spectacularly.


An absolute reference in terms of sound 5.1. Only for the experience it's totally recommended.


The funny thing about this, is that it's a DVD recording, with the eyes of actress Anne Parillaud on screen reacting to music, but only DVD, nothing else. And even without being a HD audio track, despite not being a recent release like current blockbusters in music or cinema... I think - at least now - I've not found a 5.1 mix more spectacular than this.


And that says a lot about the obsession we sometimes have with the new formats, when, in reality, the most important thing is the talent that resides in its use. This it's DVD, only SD, and I reached the conclusion I haven't listened a HD mix that uses the multichannel format better than this.


I was little shocked to reach this conclusion.


I don't go to evaluate the music, where everyone has their own taste, it's very subjective; but the use of 5.1, spatiality, sound optimization, the distribution between the different channels, is impressive. Yes, the best 5.1 mix I have.


But although I really like the album, it wasn't the day. It was not the right time. And I ended up with the great Chet Baker. 


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My cd collection is pretty modest and so is my sound system. Therefore it would be hard for me to pick one or several specific albums.

Generally speaking, I’m a sucker for Japanese mini-lp’s (especially classics like Pink Floyd, Queen, Sparks, King Crimson, Temptations)  as they are not only the cd equivalent of bluray Premiums in terms of packaging, but their sound quality is generally superior to anything else on the market.

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