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Grabbers (Unglaublich Phantastische Film #7) (Blu-ray/DVD Mediabook) [Germany]


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Release : 16.04.2020

Link: *

Price: €29,99

Limited: 333 numbered copies



After having 3 releases (Fido, Wolfcop and Eerie Indiana) in January 2018, it got really silent around this series - people where waiting for "The Voices" without any further information, and so everybody assumed, that this collection was cancelled, but beginning of Febuary 2020 three new movies have been announced, with the third of this wave being "Grabbers". There is no information about the content (which for the first three consisted of a lot of extras - see below) and it isn't even yet listed on the official website, but announced via Facebook and orderable on at least one shop (see link). This is one of the few releases by Neon Zomibe that is not a Birnenblatt re-release, but actually has never been released in Germany in a premium edition (however there is a keep case version).

Officially the "Neon Zombie Magazin" is just that: a German magazine founded by Markus Haage that started as a webzine in 1999 as "Trashzombies" then was renamed to "Video Raiders" and then after producing their first real print magazine they rebranded to "Neon Zombie Magazin" in 2013. Since today they managed to produce 22 issues that deal with horror movies, and as this magazine is pretty popular, the magazine soon got requested as bonus for mediabooks and other editions. In 2018 they finally realized another big dream of Markus Haage - their first own releases: "Unglaublich Phantastische Film!" - a mediabook series in a special exclusive artwork that is inspired by the 1950s "Tales from the Crypt" comics, collecting fantasy films, B-movies, trash movies and genre cinema movies, together with a a number of goodies: A Din A4 foldout poster with the exclusive cover artwork and their logo on the flipside, a sticker with the label logo, three lobby cards, a postcard with the original movie poster and facts, cast, and plot on the backside, a trading card sized card with the number of the series, and two min "action stickers" with a series number. A great series with the largest point to criticize is that most of their releases are re-releases of titles that their partner label Birnenblatt already released a while ago.

Grabbers (2012) is a British-irish comedic monster movie written by Kevin Lehane (debut) and directed by the unknown Jon Wright starring by Richard Coyle, Ruth Bradley, Bronagh Gallagher and Russell Tovey telling the story of an remote Irish island where all of the sudden mutilated corpses are discovered that seem to be attacked by some mysterious tentacled sea monsters. Here's the trailer:


*) Disclaimer: I like to link the original shop or non at all, as I don't want to make free advertisement for any shop, but till today no other shop has listed this yet, so not sure, if this is maybe even retailer exclusive.

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I just watched this movie yesterday, and while reviewing it, I wondered if I had made any photos - and lately what do I do, when I want to check if I did any photos? I look it up here on the forum. Seems like I didn't so here you go :D

Some short words about the movie: It's great. Really hillarious, great fun to watch. I can recommend it. Also the edition (as you will see on the photos) is worth every penny - so much love went into this release! 😍

































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