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First Cinema Visit

Scary Hair

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When I started work in 1978 , We used to finish at lunchtime on Friday , I'd get the bus into town and go straight to the cinema and watch the latest movies every week , back then you used to get at least 2 movies sometimes 3 all for 1 ticket £1.80 if my memory serves me and that was for the posh seats .....

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I used to go all day depending when I was single . Leave about 10 am back at 8pm . Tickets daytime where dirt cheep 3 ish quid before 6 pm .

Babe Pig in the City , Elisibeth and Vampires was one of the 3 . 

Predator I saw that twice in one day .

Then Armageddon with in think it was Small Soldiers. 

Following week I did Armageddon twice in the same day ??.

I paid used to take a pinic then nip, out between movies eat then go back in LOL .


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First film I ever saw on the Big screen was Star Wars when it first came out when I was 4 years old, I still even have the ticket stub lol. My dad was surprised because I sat there on his knee completely still, no toilet breaks, talking or anything and just watched the film. He knew then I'd always be a cinema geek and started taking me weekly after that.

One of the early films that I also loved was The Spy Who Loved Me. Ever since then I've been a massive Star Wars and Bond fan and its now family tradition that we all go together to any new Star Wars or Bond film still to this day


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Guest Para
Am 22.5.2017 um 19:47 schrieb Viper0210:

The rescuers I think

Wow, this was my first movie in cinema too i thought.


But it was: Basil, The Great Mouse Detective

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