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"Voice actors" but not really


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In Germany we habe a huge dubbing culture and most voice actors are good although things always get lost in translation, not their fault of course.


A trend that started a longer time ago but got more frequent right now however is: hiring celebs, influencer or youtube "stars" for dubbing!

I get that they sometimes do it to get their fans to watch the movie, I really do...but it's frigging jarring hearing those obvoius amateurs together with trained voice actors who got into the profession as children and do this for their whole life. It wouldn't even be so bad if they just get minor roles, say they two sentences and that's it BUT THE FRIGGIN MAIN CHARACTER?! And then the people wonder why we want to see it in the original language...


I vividly remember watching Big Hero 6 in cinema as a "sneak preview". Baymax was voiced by a german comedian who did a solid job...but one character (didn't know who he was voiced by at the time) sounded just soo amateurish, flat, monotone that I couldn't even for one second believe that he was voiced by a professional VA...it bothered me so much that I had to google who it was after the movie ended and of course it was some german singer 🤬


Generally I am not against dubbing but please hire proper voice actors!

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6 minutes ago, Veum said:



That’s truly unfortunate for you all over there, I’m sorry most films are not in your Native language!😕


I’ve only watched a couple of films that had VA, that really made the film not as enjoyable as it should have been!🤨

Most films that are in our native laguage unfortunately are bad attempts at comedy or include Til Schweiger, whom you have a hard time understanding anyway...


Dubbing CAN sometimes improve a movie I think...like the Star Wars prequels imo didn't sound as cringey or the older Disney movies had also superb voice acting even without the nostalgia filter clouding my judgement.


But nowadays they just don't want to spend a lot of money onto dubbing...so they choose the so called "fandubbers" who might be passionate about VA and whose dream it is to get in the profession but who were never properly trained...or got training too late. Sometimes it might also be the fault of bad directing...


For me it's even more painful if there's just one or two bad VAs that ruin the whole movie/series...for the anime Neon Genesis Evangelion they decided to redub it. The main character was voiced by the guy who also voices Tom Holland in Germany and he probably broke his back trying to carry the rest of the cast.

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6 minutes ago, Veum said:

Do you enjoy sub-titles? At 1st I was a little Leary, but then as I bought so many UK crime dramas that had them, I got use to them where it does not bother me now!

It depends, they sometimes can be a bit distracting especially if they are not properly timed and you have to pause to catch everything. But I'm used to watching movies/series with subtitles since I used to watch a lot of animes when I was a teenager (of course still love them) and most weren't available in Germany...and as soon as I had access to the internet without paying per minute, I started to watch all the series I would otherwise have missed in japanese with english subtitles.

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Voice acting is a skill in itself .


Not every celeb can do it .


The Last Of Us video game is a prime example of how the voice us a powerful tool to express feelings. 


Subtitles we use all the time . Had two of the top 5 % at reading the whole way through School because they took in the word formations ready for learning to read. 


Now Kai is studying Media at collage they do wold Cinema as part of the course .


Other kids are lost as they can not follow it .


To him it's  second nature. 


Personally I much  prefer a origonal audio spoken track with subtitles.  Over a can not be arsed Z rated  more interested in the pay check than making a great job 


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