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[CLOSED] Custom Steelbook Raffle


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Greetings fellow Psychos


As many of you already know, one of our members, the most esteemed and very talented Steffen a.k.a @BobaFett1974 creates his own beautiful custom steelbooks, many of which you can find here:


We decided to offer our members a unique opportunity to win a custom, made to order steelbook of their choosing by setting up a special raffle.

The number of participants is limited to 30. Each member wishing to participate just needs to let us know in this thread. Once 30 requests are made the topic will be closed.

To officially enter the contest, each member will have to buy a ticket which costs 2€, to be collected by @icewire once the topic is closed (a PM will be sent to all participants with payment details)

1€ of each fee will go to Steffen while the rest will go as contribution to MP.
PLEASE ONLY SIGN UP IF YOU ARE TRULY INTERESTED - we don’t want to chase people for ticket fees and waste Steffen’s time.

Once all 30 members have bought their ticket, the raffle will take place and the lucky winner will be contacted by Steffen through PM to discuss his/her dream steelbook. Shipping cost to be covered by the winner as well.


Thanks to MP for setting up this awesome raffle and to Steffen for his willingness to participate - we know how busy he already is with private orders and truly appreciate his involvement 🙏

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Top Posters In This Topic


Participation List

1. @R1s1ngs0n


3. @3rasus

4. @extantsrevenge

5. @claptraw

6. @rtphoenix

7. @blu.steel33

8. @Scary Hair

9. @RileyLad

10. @Benoit46

11. @Masterblaster

12.  @Rockntoni87

13. @Basil

14. @JaPeD

15. @Trianna

16.  @ukade2327

17. @Robertm89

18. @Pbsw23

19. @ddeahl

20. @Veum

21. @Hollywood E Rock

22. @Havoc

23. @GANTZ

24. @RAK

25. @Michael hillaby

26. @WesternBronco

27. @Count Dantes

28. @StrikerEureka79

29. @lingrass

30. @cypheria078



 payment done

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