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IT Chapter Two (Cine Museum Art #19) (WWA Blu-ray Steelbook) [Italy]


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IT Chapter Two (Cine Museum Art #19) (WWA Blu-ray Steelbook) [Italy] 


Group Buy Link

Release date: ***

Retail price: Lenticular 49.90€  Lenticular with Box 79.90€

Printrun: 400 copies

Note: Will be available as a single edition and also as a box set with room for the 2 previous CM IT editions, CMA #5 and #12


Artwork pending approval


Boxset includes IT Chapter 2 plus space for CM IT 1990 and 2017




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1 minute ago, mgurau said:



I stopped buying from them but have the other 2 so will have to pick this one up. And maybe Once Upon A Time in Hollywood........Grrrrrrr



Their Once Upon A Time In Hollywood set does look real nice, I plan to get that one. I enjoyed the movie enough to have a desire to own more than one copy, because Manta Lab is scheduled to produce a set also & I know theirs will be nice too.

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10 minutes ago, Hollywood E Rock said:



Their Once Upon A Time In Hollywood set does look real nice, I plan to get that one. I enjoyed the movie enough to have a desire to own more than one copy, because Manta Lab is scheduled to produce a set also & I know theirs will be nice too.

Agree, at this point I have to get all of them.   Lol.

I snagged WeEt. Manta will be nice, but probably be awhile. Cinemuseum, the box is really nice, (if they get approved?)and wish there was more unique art, instead of all looking the same. I know they have to get approval but we don't need 6 editions with all the same art. As it is all the same Steel. I don't think anyone will do a unique steel?
We also have Fanatics (Blu Fans) announced. Glad to see them doing something other than Marvel.
I would not be surprised if Film Arena does also later.


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17 minutes ago, Grendel said:

Yikes, I was slow on this one.

I'm glad I've gotten into the habit of cruising my GB List while visiting here, and seeing if I've overlooked any.

(whilst looking for new ones, heh)

Submitted request.

Hey @Grendel


If you’re not already familiar you can follow this thread also



@Basil created it to help members be notified when beauty shots are out & the Group Buys move into Update Phase, but I’ve been adding all our new Group Buys in there also. So if you need to see which New Group Buys are still open this is thread to help with that.


Take Care & Happy Collecting 


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1 hour ago, next1 said:

hy. würde gerne eins bestellen it 2 und once upon a time in hollywood?was muss ich machen?



einmal hier beim Groupbuy anmelden



auf den grünen Button klicken und die pre-registration auswählen. Erst wenn die Beauty Shots draußen sind kannst du die Edition und Menge spezifizieren. Für das Once Upon ist für CM noch kein GroupBuy offen.


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Update on the current business situation under Corona:


These are the next pre-orders from our CMA.

Like everyone else at the moment, COVID-19 and quarantine affect our work, but we try to do our best and continue to offer you the best for your collections.

However, a lot of data does not depend on us, but on the companies that supply us with the material. For this reason, we can currently only confirm that the pre-order of IT Chapter 2 - CMA No. 19 will take place in May, but we cannot confirm the dates or the order of the other titles yet.

As already mentioned in the last newsletter, we will ship the standard versions of the CME # 02 TERRIFIER and the CMA # 14 PET SEMATARY REMAKE from next week.



Questi sono i prossimi preorder delle nostre CMA.

Come a tutti in questo momento, il COVID-19 e la quarantena stanno colpendo il nostro lavoro, ma noi stiamo provando di dare il meglio e continuare a offrirvi il Top per le vostre collezioni.

Comunque, molte date non dipendono da noi, ma dalle aziende che ci forniscono il materiale. Per questo motivo, al momento possiamo solo confermarvi che il preorder di IT Capitolo 2 - CMA#19 sarà durante il mese di Maggio, ma ancora non possiamo confermare le date o l'ordine degli altri titoli.

Per le spedizioni, come abbiamo detto nell'ultima newsletter, inizieremo la prossima settimana a spedire le versioni Standard della CME#02 TERRIFIER e la CMA#14 PET SEMATARY REMAKE.

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Ugh, when did the box art get changed. That is hideous. Dammit. I am locked in for this, and have gotten the last 2,, so wanted to complete the set, but the 1st wasn't anything special, loved the second, but this one is weak. Cover is great but existing art and HDZeta used it, and now the box. Ugh.

Wish I could bail out. And prefer to sell the other 2 at this point.

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