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[SOLVED] That's Gotta Be Painful

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Greetings and happy new year my dear Psychos! 


To celebrate the arrival of 2020 I've decided that the theme of my first quiz will be the pleasant subject of torture 😁

Special thanks to my 'muse' @Trianna who was my inspiration for this quiz 😘


Answers by PM



1. In Reservoir Dogs, what song plays on the radio while Mr. Blonde tortures Marvin the cop?


2. Which Bond movie’s title sequence shows 007 being tortured by his captors?


3. In Oldboy, which one of Antonio Vivaldi’s Four Seasons plays while Oh Dae-su removes his victim’s teeth with a hammer?

4. In A Clockwork Orange, what was the name of the medical torture program used on Alex?







5. Which Scorsese movie has a character being interrogated while his head is put in a vice?

6. Which buddy cop movie from the 80s has one of the protagonists tortured by electro shocking?


7. Which torture technique was most likely used by Alejandro (Benicio Del Toro) in Sicario’s famous interrogation scene?


8. In Se7en, one of John Doe's victims was still alive when he was found by the police. What was his sin?


9. In The Princess Bride, what was the name of torture device invented by Count Rugen?

The Lifesucker

Dirty Betty

The Machine

The Purifyer

Gears Of Death


10. Which movie starring George Clooney features his character being tortured by having his fingernails yanked out with pliers?



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