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2019...in a nutshell


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As 2019 is drawing to a close I figured now would be a good time to make some sort of list that encapsulates the good (and not so good) things that made this year memorable to each and every one of us.

These are some of the things that came to mind but feel free to add your own 😁


- Favorite & most disappointing Premium release

- Favorite & most disappointing movie viewing experience (whether in theater or streaming)


- Best & worst GB experience

- Favorite MP threads (can list up to five)


And finally, what would you like to see happen on MP in 2020 (special events, additions/improvements, etc)

I would also like to take this opportunity to thank our wonderful and dedicated staff @Masterblaster @extantsrevenge @Benoit46 @ksosk @deckard99 @DodgyDave @Scary Hair @ukade2327 @icewire @thomue1987 (yes, even you) @airwins @blu.steel33 my fellow Guardians and of course, the whole MP community for making this forum a truly special place to be a part of - joining your ranks was definitely one of the highlights of this year for me 🙏❤️




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Thanks for that @R1s1ngs0n.....

your presence on the site has been truly appreciated by one and all , I am sure of that ... your quizzes have been great fun to participate in ... hope you can keep the questions coming n 2020..... as for your questions.....


Favorite release ... all of them 

Disappointing release. ..... none

Favourite movie viewing .... End Game

Most Disappointing....... The Joker

Best GB experience... all of them

worst GB experience..... none

Fave Threads... The movie quizzes , show your 

latest GB pics , this and that —— always good for a laugh , ....

and finally I look forward to the new year onMP ... cant wait to see what 2020 brings to us .... 


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@ukade2327 said


Most Disappointing....... The Joker

surprised kenan thompson GIF


For me, Joker was far and away the best movie I saw all year. I saw it 3 times as a matter of fact.

Most disappointing was Hellboy - I had such high hopes and loved the trailer but it was 🤮


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Hi Folks;

Indeed, I thought 2019 was a really great year for my personal collection (Bank Account feels otherwise) and not too bad for cinema as a whole:


Favorite Premium release ... Manta: First Man

Disappointing release. ..... HDZ taking so long with all of theirs

Favourite show viewing .... finally getting to see "Game of Thrones" after purchasing the large wood case Collector's Edition

Most Disappointing....... T6, same old-same old plot with different faces

Best GB experience... tie: getting ALL my Venom releases and the incredible additions to our treasures via @ksosk !!!  🤗

worst GB experience..... asleep at the switch for the Kimchi: Akira (finally did get to order one though! whew!)

Fave Thread... I guess the "Activity" thread, as from it I can easily discover all the new announcements and discussions

MP in 2020... agree, the raffles are great fun and with all the new sources on board (i.e. D'Ailly, CM, etc) and growing, it's gonna be another pricey year coming, heh.

Finally, I look forward to the new year and discussing our new found treasures.

A very Merry Christmas to all! 🤗

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Favorite Premium release - 2001 WCL by far (it also helps that it was the reason why I joined MP in the first place).


Disappointing Premium release - although I don’t own it, I find the recently released Batman anthology from Hdzeta to be absolute caca.


Best movie viewing experience (theater) - Once Upon A Time...In Hollywood 


Best movie viewing experience (streaming) - The Irishman 

Most disappointing movie viewing experience - I’m with @ukade2327 on this one - Joker


Best GB experience - Jackie Brown / The On

My first GB for my favorite QT movie. A dream start.


Worst GB experience - none.


Favorite threads:


Mugshots - not because I’m involved in making these (although it’s both immensely fun and quite challenging) but mostly due to the members’ participation and willingness to step out of their comfort zone. Best part was reading my French comrades’ reactions to seeing their fellow Psychos’ mugs for the first time - it was genuinely hilarious 🤣 


French room - for obvious reasons, although sometimes I wish it was a little livelier. The naughty pics are definitely a plus, though 😜

German room - who said Brezels can’t have fun? They may not be a dominating force in world football anymore but at least here on MP their overwhelming presence (partly) makes up for that. Plus, they always make a 🥖 feel welcome when dropping by for a visit 😉


Movie talk - always interesting to read other members’ movie recommendations, various ranking lists, reviews, etc.


For 2020 I would like to have more exciting releases for me to participate in GBs, more people doing quizzes 🤞and more raffles for titles I’d actually be interested in...for now that’s enough 😁


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I might watch the Joker again over the holidays after  ive had a few drinks ... it may get better ... but I somehow doubt  it ... and I also have to agree tn some parts  with @deckard99 on hellboy ... it was OK but could have been so much better ....such a shame ..... come back Ron Perlman.... 

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- Favorite & most disappointing Premium release

Favorite - The Dark Knight Trilogy w/Motherbox

Disappointing - None

- Favorite & most disappointing movie viewing experience (whether in theater or streaming)

Favorite - anything Clint Eastwood westerns

Disappointing - some library vid snoozes


- Best & worst GB experience
Best - the lifelong, absolutely great friends I have on MP & joining MP

Worst - none


- Favorite MP threads (can list up to five)

Secret Santa

This & that (all)


latest GB pics


And finally, what would you like to see happen on MP in 2020 (special events, additions/improvements, etc)

More holidays sharing (like Secret Santa), more participants in Mugshots, more friendly/fun/great interaction w/all of MP peeps!

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Favorite Premium Release: Dark Knight Trilogy.


Disappointing Premium Release: Don’t really have one. But I do agree with @R1s1ngs0n Batman Anthology wasn’t anything special.


Best Movie Going Experience: Since I only did 3 the past year it would be John Wick Chapter 3, and Avengers Endgame.


Best Movie Experience (Streaming) None, Don’t stream much.


Disappointing Movie Experience: None.


Best GB Experience: Man of Steel. Was just happy that it was finally released. 

Worst GB Experience: Captain Marvel Fanatics. I wasn’t able to get one.


Favorite Threads: 

Show us all your latest Group Buy or other receptions (Steelbook..Digibook ... Digipack ... Collectors ...) I like to see all the different things the members are interested in. 

Let The Fun Begin. It’s cool swapping gifts, and you can get to know someone you don’t chat with everyday.


This and That: Just fun chatting with everyone.



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Bonjour my favorite 🥖!


Okay lets start..

my favorite Premium Edition this year is the Captain Marvel SL of Fanatics Selection. For sure not the Steelbook, but the Lenti is Fantastic!

and to be honest i dont have a really dissapointing release this year (okay, some of the Lentis of Blufans could be better but thats whine on a high level).


The favorite movies this year are by far JOKER and AVENGERS: ENDGAME.

And the most i was really dissapointed about the 2nd part of Fantastic Beasts..


I really didnt have worse GB experience, so in my eyes everything was fine 😊


Favorite Threads:

-Dies & Das

-Mug Shots (hilarious!)

-the 🥖 Tittie Thread


I really love this community so my wish for 2020 is..stay all as you are, nice premium editions for us all (not so many, my purse will say thank you).

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2019 was a great year when it comes to releases, so many nice ones from many different Retailers.


Favorite Premium Release: This is very hard for me, because I got a lot of items 😅. I would say that the HDZeta Dark Knight Trilogy was my top spot, because it was such a huge project and it turned out terrific. Also FAC had a very strong year. Not so many releases as they did in the past, but everything they did was great. Especially the WEA Steelbooks. I mean Alien and T2 😊. Favorite lenti from FAC Ready Player One and favorite Full-Slip Alita. My favorite Premium without a SB would be the 2001 WCL release, simply fantastic. Also want to mention From Dusk Till Dawn from KImchi & The On, finally a Premium for this classic. And let us not forget WeET, for me are the breakout retailer of the year. My favorite from them Guardians of the Galaxy Vol.2 and Alita 😍


Disappointing Premium release: The German Deadpool 2 Slipsheet Edition. Premium price but certainly not premium content. Also annoyed by the Blufans troubles 😅


Favorite viewing theater: Avengers: Endgame, terrific movie that lived up to the hype. For me the best movie of the year.


Worst viewing theater: Star Wars: The Rise of Skywalker 😭, Terminator: Dark Fate and Dark Phoenix. All sequels that completely failed on every level. Also I have to say that the movie year was overall rather weak. Still have many to see but at the moment I'm not so impressed.


Worst viewing TV Series: Game of Thrones S8, WTF, come on, how could they screw up that awesome series so much 😥.


Best GB: All of them. As I know how much work goes into every single GB I can only say "THANK YOU" to the whole MP Team who make them possible. My personl favorite The Dark Knight Trilogy and Alita WeET (as I got a very special number on that) 🙏.


Worst GB: Nothing for me. But for MP it is not nice when members don't pay what they requested, that sucks and needs to stop.


My favorite MP Topics are the different This and That Topics (especially German room 😂). I love the Topics in which members show their new arrivals, because of that I also really like the award topics as you can see so many cool editions. Don't forget the GB Topics and the Release Topics and the awesome Quizzes and other fun topics. You see where this is going 😂.




What I wish most for MP in 2020 is that more members would actively participate in all our great topics to make this site even more lively and awesome.

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Favourite Premium:-

I think it has to be HDz TDK and motherbox, plus KS's @ksosk beautiful art posters that he did for us. Also HDz MoS. Waited so long for it, and was not disappointed.

I'm particularly into HDz Hardboxes too.


Disappointing Premium:-

I don't get disappointed with the releases in themselves. What disappoints me is the releases that cause problems for our members, due to lack of QC. 


I don't go to the cinema, because every visit would be a disappointment to me. Phones, sweet wrappers, talking all the time, big hats or hair do's, uncomfortable seats AND TOO BLOODY EXPENSIVE.

I don't stream films. Only watch hard copies. Especially in 3D. 

I enjoyed Aquaman. Had it all really. Action, humour, special effects. 

Was disappointed in End Game. Not because of the way the film was made, just the plot really.


All GB experiences are perfect. (in my opinion ) :D


Don't have a favourite thread. I like to try and read them all when I have time.


MP 2020:-

I'm not an 'ideas man'. My brain doesn't work that way.

Perhaps we can finally have an award for Black Barons after Alita is delivered. 

I can get another little icon thingie then. :D

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12 hours ago, PRIAPISM said:

I'd like to see the raffles return in 2020 :)


I’m still waiting for this one.


Any idea when this raffle might get drawn John @Masterblaster  

I bet I’d win. Probably the only sad bugger that still has his tickets. :D

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- Favorite Premium release: It is so difficult to choose! Knowing the difficulty to a release and how the final product was tweaked to perfection, I must say it is Manta's First Man. By a retailer's defining moment release of the year, it is 2001!


- Most Disappointing: SM LIFE Lion King (By the same logic I voted for the favourite, I think this release did not show much love and passion in its production. Plus, I have no love for that steelbook. Haha)

- Favorite movie viewing experience (whether in theater or streaming): 

Theater - JOKER (I can't forget how deeply it affected me after my first viewing. Many don't like it, but it haunts me.)

Streaming - Chernobyl (although it is a series)


- Most disappointing movie viewing experience (whether in theater or streaming):

Theater - Once Upon a Time in Hollywood (Sorry, but maybe it is too westernised for me. I totally don't get the style)

Streaming - 6 Underground. It is always hard to enjoy a movie outside of a cinema, but this one makes it harder to enjoy due to the difficult editing.


- Best & worst GB experience:  All GB are time-consuming and hard to arrange. Those that we push since the very start till when it finally releases is both the best and worst!! I spent almost half a year getting D'ailly's The Mission.

It is a personally one for me and I truly hope we can boost its sales.

- Favorite MP threads (can list up to five): All by  @R1s1ngs0n


And finally, what would you like to see happen on MP in 2020 (special events, additions/improvements, etc):

Really love to see more fun posts and interaction! As we continue to improve on our GB, I hope members will also continue to grow MP with areas other than GB 😃





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favorite premium release - First Man.  Although I never saw the movie and was to late to the party to participate I very much appreciate the very unique and cool one-click packageing.  It's exactly why I started collecting premium editions of movies.

most disappointing - HDZETA Batman 1-4.  I just wish it had gotten a bit more love to distinguish it self from other retailers versions.

favorite movie experience- Aquaman. I rarely go to the theater anymore but I'm glad I did for this one.

most disappointing - avengers infinity war.  When Thanos laid out exactly what was gonna happen and then at the end snapped his fingers and he was totally right.  I was like "well F@#$# you Thanos, thanks for the spoiler". Also star Lords character was acting like a giant prick.  I still haven't watched End Game because I'm still upset lol.

best GB experience - John wick 3 because I love the movie, and it was my first received GB, and my first one click all in one!

worst GB experience - I guess Alien 1 just due to odd delays from FA. Not upset or anything.

favorite threads - this and that general.

what I'd like to see in 2020- just more of the same awsomeness! Raffles, secret Santas black Friday specials.  I hate to suggest more because I'm amazed ya'll do this stuff as it is. So huge thank you to all! 

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Now I am SO  privileged to get to see most of the delights our members request .


So i will do this on a personal  level. 



 Favorite HdZ Gladiator  . Added factor in this  was a dream Box Set #18 . Our Daughter kicked the poo out of me while sat viewing it at the  Cinema  . Our first movie as a married couple  . It was her 18th birthday this year so a great one for me

Thank You GIF by chuber channel



 Most disappointing Premium release IS there such a thing 

confused dogs GIF


 Favorite Still Bo Rap . Looking forward to Jumanji The Next Level. 


Most disappointing movie viewing experience  Lord Of Illusions on Netflix being cut 🤬🤬


Best ALL are Fantastic 


Worst GB experience Is there such a thing ??

Favorite MP threads (can list up to five)


Mug Shots


Hey Women




Masterblasters Black Friday Thread


Latest Arrivals 



And finally, what would you like to see happen on MP in 2020 (special events, additions/improvements, etc)


less retailer bashing 


more interaction on the main board by members . You know who you are and are missing so much .



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22 hours ago, ukade2327 said:

I might watch the Joker again over the holidays after  ive had a few drinks ... it may get better ... but I somehow doubt  it ... and I also have to agree tn some parts  with @deckard99 on hellboy ... it was OK but could have been so much better ....such a shame ..... come back Ron Perlman.... 

Pearl men is too old, david harbor is perfect for hellboy. Dont blame david on bad writing.


And still, I dont see how anyone can dislike joker.

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Hey my dear MP friends,


ok here we go:


- Favorite & most disappointing Premium release

Favorite the Dark Knight Trilogy with Boxset and the beautiful work by @ksosk

Disappointing: Blufans Avengers Infinity War. For being a collector of sealed editions the Steelbook isn't as interesting as the Slips for me. And I didn't like the Slips.

- Favorite & most disappointing movie viewing experience (whether in theater or streaming)

Favorite movie:

a) End Game for finishing an era of my life. (Altought I honestly liked Infinity War more)

b) Joker. Great acting, great story, interesting ending 

Favorite Series:

My girlfriend started to watch Friends again. I never saw it before and I really enjoy it.


- Best & worst GB experience
Best: Nearly everything. Except once -->

My Deadpool 2 Manta OC came damaged. My dear HUB @thomue1987 tried best but Manta never sent a new box (really only talking about the box. Not the editions)


- Favorite MP threads (can list up to five)

Dies & Das with my Brezels and the international supporters

- the Mugshots

- the quizzess

- what is your username and avatar all about--> loving it to learn more about the members here.


what to See in 2020

thats hard. A nice community supporting each other (would say we are on a very good way). More interesting topics. Nice releases (well my Bank account is not amused)


- last but not least: a happy and healthy year for all of you and your loved ones.


Thank you all for the good time here. Thank you to the whole Team, Mods, HUBs, everyone posting, sharing and maybe "only" reading without posting. So thank you all who are doing more than only joining GBs 😉

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