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How Much Is TOO Much For One's Collection...?

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So I'm kinda a tadpole compared to some of you collectors here. I enjoy my rare offbeat movies I can track down on KIMCHI and such (Snowpiercer, Irreversible, Her, Ernest & Celestine to name a few) And I have them displayed in a antique credenza with a vertical glass door display shelves on the side. I've stood and arranged them all to be proudly arranged and visible, and I admire them every time I pass by. I see many items now for collectors ranging from slipcases to display stands and so on. The latest I saw was Vinegar Syndrome shelf divider cards. For me, I keep any little baggy sent with my orders and put the release on top of them in my display case. But I am intrigued by some of these extras like stands and housings and such to REALLY prominently display and protect a release. As much as I love my collection so far, their hasn't been a title yet I feel is "the holy grail" to really show off and protect. So, the question is - does these addendum's like slip covers and stands and divider cards etc. start as a novelty or a necessity for many here? Much like tattoo's, is it "I'll just get a stand and a case for this particular fave, and that's it!" And before you know it, you got 7 more stands, gold leafed display frames, and 200 protective sleeves on the side. Is there a point when one regrets all the extra's they've gotten for their collection? I always think back to The Simpson's episode where Homer gets talked into buying all these gizmos for his cars power outlet. And as he's driving away he's using and taking inventory - "Fax machine, check. GPS system, check. Easy Bake Oven, baking. Mobile DJ System, check. Smoke machine, on.... Gee, even I think this is a bit much!" LOL

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