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Prefix-UC Interstellar (UHD CLUB DP #04) (4K UHD/2D Blu-ray Digipak Hardbox) [China]

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Interstellar (UHD CLUB Exclusive DP #04) (Digipak Hardbox) (4K + Blu-ray) [China]

Release Date: Early 2020

Price: Estimated range of $80

Limited: 260 copies only

Note:  Media Psychos will be the only official groupbuy for this release!






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1 minute ago, mgurau said:



Curious, if "Interstellar" is #4 and "The Prestige" is #1. I don't think I have seen #2 or 3. ?  What are those.


I just paid 1st invoice for Prestige. Looks amazing. 


I looked it up. I see the other 2, Gladiator and Les Mis. I had signed up for notifications on both. Just forgot about. Was on the fence on Les Mis but since releases look so nice, and getting from #!, I wanted to keep getting all hopefully. 


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Okay, I'm beginning to get a little bit concerned.

All of UHD's recent releases have gone the route of digi-pack (and hard-box).

So, they are really nice but that's not what I was looking for from UHD.


Their releases have been bloody AMAZING!

Wood, leather, cloth bags, exceptional detail, whoa!


I'd personally not want to see that era of magnificence end. They had a LOCK on it!

I'll but whatever they provide, as I know it will have above the norm quality but still.....😕

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Thank you FRANCE + GERMANY for the strong support!! Woot 😃


Allow me to share a story!

In the initial plan, I worked with a supplier to make a workable model of the TARS robot. It has a magnetic mechanism with 4 movable limps. A pretty good material was selected and we tested using 3D printing.

UC submitted that for approval and got it. However, the total cost of TARS is too high and UC had to drop this idea from being included into the package.



[Images show the 3D printed sample. It is not the final product]


I told John about it and seeing how much time and effort I put into this item, he hopes to support and make it into a MP product!

UC is currently working on other new possible gift item to be included into the set.


Please allow me to shamelessly ask everyone's opinion if you guys are keen in having this collectible TARS? 😝





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9 minutes ago, Robertm89 said:

@ksosk I love it and think it's a great idea. 


I for one would buy it if one was to become available. I'm building up a little little collection of MP memorabilia that you have done 😁


Torn between passion in producing and concern over unsold goods.

Stress... haha

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