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[CLOSED] The Scorsese Challenge


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The Quizzes are back and this time I am offering a sealed copy of Everythingblu's 'Casino' to the person who will perfectly answer this quiz revolving around the works of one of my favorite filmmakers, Martin Scorsese.

In the event of several members scoring a perfect ten, a raffle will be held to determine the lucky winner who will just have to pay shipping cost to his/her address. Needless to say I would rather people don't go googling for answers but for the sake of keeping this competitive I can allow for only one answer to be googled. 

Answers only by PM and limit date for submitting is Monday, December 2nd, 12pm CET.

If no one manages a perfect score I will place an advert for this edition at a later date.


Good luck and now for the quiz...😁



1. Name the two Scorsese classics in which the character played by Frank Vincent gets viciously beaten by Joe Pesci’s character.


2. What is the name of the top Mafia Boss in Casino?

Frankie Manoldi
Tommy Como

Remo Gaggi
Jimmy Serrano

Paul Cicero

3. In Goodfellas, what is the name of the nightclub in which Henry and Karen make their famous entrance through the back door? 

4. Which one of the following actors/actresses never received an Oscar nomination for a role in a Scorsese picture?

Harvey Keitel

Lorraine Bracco
Alan Alda
Winona Ryder

Jodie Foster

5. In the original Cape Fear, which actor portrayed Sam Bowden, later played by Nick Nolte in Scorsese’s remake?


6. Name the two Scorsese movies that won their stars the Oscar for Best Leading Actor.


7. In Mean Streets, from what condition did Harvey Keitel’s girlfriend suffer?







8. Name the Scorsese movie featuring Cheech and Chong as two burglars.


9. In Gangs Of New York, how old is Bill the Butcher when Amsterdam saves his life from an assassination attempt?


10. Which of the following actresses played Ava Gardner in The Aviator?

Cameron Diaz
Cate Blanchett

Anne Hathaway

Kate Beckinsale
Famke Janssen

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