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Are you a new member please look in here it will help you.


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hello and firstly welcome to media psychos :D

welcome dr evil GIF


you have made a good start in looking in here firstly, this site does not work like alot of other sites.

so rules are different to what you may be used to.


we have a great help and tutorial section link below i would strongly urge you to go have a look and work out how this sites rules work.

it get you upto speed from a users point of view, that way you won't miss out on group buys, how to get hold of staff in a hurry and not @Gipsy Danger who is the sites automated groupbuy bot who will not answer back ever, guides to how group buys work.

there is a whole host of information in there to get you on point and getting the most out of Media psychos for you.



also here is a helpful thread for when groupbuys go into UPDATE PHASE this will help you from missing out when they do.

make sure you sign up for the notifications from it once in the thread, white box top right and then you won't


If into to your steelbooks and premium steels below is a place to chat about them with like minded collectors from newbies to old hands.


also we have a FAQ section which some bits are in also worth a good look at like good tracking sites for postal services and other info as well



also if you want a signature like mine go visit goose in his cave he'll help you out



and if you just fancy have a chat there are the various rooms from english,french, german, chinese and japanese people always try and help you out.

English Room

French Room

German Room

Chinese Room

Japanese Room


a popular general chat thread in the english room where we all mix is below all new members welcome :D



staff are always on tap to help with any issue, so if you want to get hold of them in a thread you in use the @ symbol before there name so for example i would be @Basil

There are a team of the guardians helping out here, such as @Veum @RAK @romeroland and @hal56 please feel free to give any of them a shout out on the board.

failing you dont want to get staff on the board and you want to get hold of them.

they all are available by private message click on the staff members name you want in a thread and you will see there page pop up in the middle with MESSAGE icon in middle of the page, click that and off you go.

but remember all staff are from around the world so you may have to wait a little for them to come online, its not they are ignoring you :D


hope this gets you to have a good look around,

it can only make your stay better here.


enjoy basil B|








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