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Albums you hated or dismissed, but now love


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What albums over the years have you disliked on first listen, but have revisited to find a new appreciation or love for ...


For me its this


Marilyn Manson The Pale Emperor




I can thank John Wick for my renewed love of this man and his work. I would definitely be describe as a HUGE fan of his earlier work by close friends and family to the point of even wearing white contacts years ago and ALWAYS wearing one of his various tour shirts, but after Golden Age my interest in him started to thin out the more he wanted to be Mr Celeb at the time. A string of not so great albums didn't help either. My respect and love for him was slowly ending. I bought this and jumped through a few tracks at the time not listening to any of them fully and just thought meh and shelved it. It stayed shelved till I sat in the movie theatre and really enjoyed "killing Strangers" blasting out during John Wick, instantly recognizing that voice immediately.


I went home and tracked down the song details online only to realise I actually already owned it, but had listened to it for a minute and never came back to it. It was then that I read a few more details about the album as a whole to find it was written by Manson and Tyler Bates, whos soundtrack work I greatly admired and enjoyed especially his work on the TV show Californication which is in my opinion one of the greatest TV series in history and an all time favourite. So I thought maybe I have been a bit quick in my judgement of the album not giving it a full listen, and should maybe try it again.


So.... amp set, Sennheisers on, and jamaican herbals ingested I tried again in a comfy chair reclined in a dark room, and I LOVED IT! Its not Antichrist Manson but another beast entirely, with fantastic production and instrumentation far more polished and tuneful than anything he has recorded before. I found myself loving track after track with not a weak one amoungst them. The critics at the time gave it the thumbs up and at the time I couldn't work out why, but I certainly can now. For me it is in the top 3 of his best works, and the album by Manson that I listen to the most.

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hahaha nope no greenhouse ..................... honest!?

I have continued to follow old Brian and always pick up new releases and collectable editions, but when someone you admire so much starts faffing about and starting things but never finishing it got a bit wearing. Holywood book started never finished, movies in pre-production, but never in production, and his music has suffered somewhat loosing key members.


I actually did like a lot of the stuff on Eat Me Drink Me, I think for many fans it was too far removed from previous albums that they mourned the loss of angry Marilyn, but it has  many great tracks and over the years has grown on me. High End Of Low though was just rubbish to my ears. He freely admits its bad and was recorded at a time when he really just wasn't with it, break ups, drugs, absinthe and little attention to detail it was a very low point and I really did feel at the time that maybe my love affair with the artist was pretty much at an end. Born Villian wasn't bad, just wasnt great. There were sparks of the old Warner and it does have a few good tracks but mostly its just meh. Those 2 albums are pretty much the reason I gave only a passing listen to PE, the lightness of sound again suggested more of the same so I just shelved it. Thank God for Mr Wick as KS is a brilliant song and pumping out a massive cinema system I had a massive grin. 

I'm glad I took the time to revist the album as its a stunning album with basically no weak songs on it, but then Tyler Bates is a superb artist and composer whos most famous work is probably as the composer of the Sucker Punch soundtrack.

I will be very interested to hear the new album which is due for a release date any day now. Tickets for the tour go on sale tomorrow morning so I'll be up early bashing phone buttons!



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For me, the probably most important album I dismissed and later loved was ASP - Weltunter:



It was their first album that gained some interest in Germany with songs such as "Weltunter" and "Ich will Brennen" (which till today is the most requested song from fans and therefore is in every setlist). I didn't understand the interest at all, so I ignored that band. That must have been ~2002, I was still in school.

In 2007 I was for half a year on Gran Canaria, and while packing I asked my best friend for some new music to explore while I am there. She was a great fan of ASP, so she gave me their entire discography so far, and I really took the time and listened to it, while I was there - and when taking the time, and listening and relistening to the songs, I totally fell in love with the music and the band. Since 2008 I've been visiting every tour, seeing them live at least 2x a year, and I back ordered their entire discography. They created a lot of high-quality limited special editions, some of which are really hard to get (especially for decent prices), but I am proud to say: I've got them all :)



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