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Cine Museum Terrifier (Cine Museum Exclusive #02) (WEA 2D Blu-ray Steelbook) [Italy]


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MP Group Buy soon !

GB Info & Questions Topic here.


Terrifier (Cine Museum Exclusive #02) (WEA 2D Blu-ray Steelbook) [Italy]


Preorder date: 26/10/2019 

Release date: TBC

Retail price: Full-Slip EUR 49,90 / Lenticular 49,90 / OC EUR 129,90

Limited: OC 200 / FULL-SLIP 300 / LENTI 300

Purchase Link:  










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  • ★ Administrators ★

There were so many members who persistently approached us to have GB for CM products.

Our team had a long discussion and we finally decided to go ahead.


Year 2019 has been a great one thanks to all our members and your continuous support! The threads are active and all of our bonds are strengthening. 

For Year 2020, we will work harder to give back to the community and our beloved members!


We are working closely with @Luxury Bluray to bring to everyone his fan-made products.

Also,  including CM now will make many members happy 😃


I would like to represent the MP team to thank everyone once again!!




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Backwards step promoting Cine Museum in my opinion. It's essentially eBay on a different website. Who buys in bulk then sells for inflated prices on the site. The kind of ones that I'm really not a fan of. There is so many genuine retailers out there with better products and a fair shot at getting what you want. Each to there own that's just my opinion on it, a lot will disagree. 

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Interesting .. previously I had my knuckles wrapped for mentioning CM on this website

I was told it's not a retailer MP supports generally..


Well, nice to know we have a choice of GBs on this one, they've made some good stuff in the past (e.g Untouchables, Red Sparrow , First Man etc)


Will be interesting to know what were the issues preventing MP holding GBs for CM in the past (as members, we have a right to know)

However, that said - well done to MP staff for being progressive and driving this forward


Have to agree with @Robertm89 though, don't like extortionate prices on their website.

I guess it's with every business.. Demand creates it's own supply - and everyone is in the business of making money

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Whatever the reason  in the past is that THE PAST .


This is an opportunity  some of our members  have been asking for so MP Is more than happy to try and help anywhere it is asked too .



Members  can join or not as they wish .


We can now discuss editions like we do any other 


So ENJOY YOURSELVES  AND GET POSTING what you  enjoy  or not about all things CM 









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I have almost all cinemuseum releases. Have Pet Sematary on the way right now. They are pricy but have good quality. As for Terrifier...I like the artwork but the movie is terrible...wouldn’t pay a nickel for the film. Gone are the days that I buy a bad movie just for the packaging.

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  • ★ Administrators ★

Thank you for your feedback, @Ehsan and @Robertm89.


There were some past issues with CM and also FA, which is why we also recently started GB for FA. 

If there is one thing I have learnt recently from the recent media issues in China, it is that our time as premium collectors is limited and precious.

The Korean and Chinese retailers showed me that it is better to have one more competitor to boost the market then having a dying one.


We grow and we learn - at least for me 😃

I didn't mean to make MP look like we are changing our position. In fact, having GB for CM or any new retailers doesn't indicate any validation to their practices or past.

Year 2020 is going to be a huge one for MP and for that to happen, steps must be taken to improve.


However you feel about any retailers, let us be nice still. You can avoid buying, but let's keep the premium market lively!


Cheers to all.


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42 minutes ago, Ehsan said:

Couldn't agree more @Scary Hair

I'm glad they are on.. loved some of their earlier releases which I had to buy from eBay



Well I hope no more of that flea bay talk and you'll be happy to support our brand spanking new GB's


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Well this  was on the other night  and i need to re watch as the eyelids clising won in the battle  of trying to stay awake. 


Now i was pleasantly  surprised  at how much i was enjoying  the brain in neutral  sit back and enjoy the unfolding gore fest .


The clown was played in a way that was the most captivating character feeding off human suffering since the Cenobites. 


Will i buy a premium  or an amray probably not .


Will I watch it when its on HELL YEAH  😁❤❤

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Well I've just put an order in with Cine Museum directly for one each of the lenticular and full slip here. It looks like they only have just a couple left in stock of each.


I just love the art on these editions, and I doubt a film this niche will ever again get this kind of deluxe treatment. Hopefully the shipping to the US doesn't take too long!

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