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UHD CLUB Jaws (UHD CLUB UC #11) (Hardbox Digipak) (4K + Blu-ray) [China]


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MP Group Buy here!

GB Info & Questions Topic here.

Jaws (UHD CLUB Exclusive UC #11) (Hardbox Digipak) (4K + Blu-ray) [China]

Release Date: TBC

Price: TBA

Limited: 333 copies








UC will feature a new hardbox design (similar to the magnetic Matrix box) that is the same height as BR2049 wooden case but wider.

This magnetic box will house the digipak, booklet and cards, and also contain some movie memorabilia!


           Media Psychos will be the only official groupbuy for this release!



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Our Group Buy for this Jaws release is now open

Hope many Psychos will support this, if you can't decide yet, wait for the Beauty Shots I'm sure they will blow you away, and don't forget @ksosk will prepare something special for this release 😳😍


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Well @ksosk is a legend and probably one of the main reasons I'll go for this (as I'm sure he'll come up with something spectacular)


But seems like Hdzeta and UHD club are heading into a collision course with the same releases e.g back to the future and now this. 

OK, I get it... Good for consumer choice.. 


But bad for our wallets 


I wish the premium releases could be spread to titles that are not released.yet..rather than companies competing on the same titles 


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  • ksosk changed the title to Jaws (UHD CLUB DP #05) (4K + Blu-ray Digipak) [China]
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14 minutes ago, cryginic said:

Awaiting some beauty shots before signing up, but hope to see some soon.

Sign up you won't be disappointed lol. 


I could be wrong but I think beauty shots may be a little while away I'm sure Interstellar will be first up. But @ksosk knows a lot more then me. 

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5 hours ago, Robertm89 said:

You will not be disappointed. 😁 Have you seen the group buy for interstellar and heat? There both classics and sure to be great releases. 

i'm in the group buy Heat, but was waiting for lnterstellar group buy. if so, thanks for the info, and i will definitely be signing up.

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  • ksosk changed the title to Jaws (UHD CLUB UC #11) (4K + Blu-ray Wooden case + Digipak) [China]
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45 minutes ago, ddeahl said:

This sounds amazing. But I'm not familiar with UHD.  And I can't seem to find much info about them.  A few pictures here and there.  What do these usually cost and what do they look like?

I suggest you familiarise yourself with a few past GBs from UC  here https://mediapsychos.com/forum/274-uhd-club-group-buys/

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Le 25/10/2020 à 02:18, Intentcoin a dit :

@ksosk will this be the same format as blade runner and WW?


Le 31/12/2020 à 02:09, bungral a dit :

As has been asked above, do we know if this is going to be the same type of box as WW and the BR films?


I'm trying in twenty one guys,

Hi @ksosk, hope you're doing well, do you know more about this release by chance?
concerning the box maybe, it will be more in the style of "blade runner" or rather that of "forrest gump" 


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  • ksosk changed the title to Jaws (UHD CLUB UC #11) (Hardbox Digipak) (4K + Blu-ray) [China]
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