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The Fifth Element (4K UHD/2D Blu-ray Steelbook) (Only @ Best Buy) [USA]


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Release Date -  11 July 2017 

Price - $22.99

Purchase Link -5th Element 4K Steelbook

Notes - 

The Fifth Element
Good and evil battle for the future of 23rd century Earth in this visually striking big-budget science fiction epic. In the movie's prologue, which is set in 1914, scientists gather in Egypt at the site of an event that transpired centuries earlier. Aliens, it seemed, arrived to collect four stones representing the four basic elements (earth, air, fire and water) - warning their human contacts that the objects were no longer safe on Earth. A few hundred years later (in the 23rd century), a huge ball of molten lava and flame is hurtling toward Earth, and scientist-holy man Victor Cornelius (Ian Holm) declares that in order to prevent it from destroying the planet, the same four elemental stones must be combined with the fifth element, as embodied by a visitor from another world named Leeloo (Milla Jovovich). However, if the force of evil presents itself to the stones instead, the Earth will be destroyed, and an evil being named Zorg (Gary Oldman) will trigger the disaster. Despite her remarkable powers, Leeloo needs help with her mission, and she chooses her accomplice, military leader-turned-cab driver Korben Dallas (Bruce Willis), when she literally falls through the roof of his taxi. Writer and director Luc Besson began writing the script for The Fifth Element when he was only 16 years old, though he was 38 before he was able to bring it to the screen. ~ Mark Deming, Rovi



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3 hours ago, jaferris said:

interested in this but don't see a group buy for it, 
how would I go about arranging to buy it as in the UK 

Updated Purchase Link


35 minutes ago, Pbsw23 said:

@Masterblaster depending on region, I'd Def be interested in this one if a GB can be organised? ?1f3fc.png

Cheers @Scary Hair @jaferris @pioneers

Told you ??

Group Buy Open HERE  @jaferris @Pbsw23 @Viper0210

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  • ★ Administrators ★

@Pbsw23 when are you going to get a Multi Region Free Bluray player ?? LOL

well to be honest i dont know yet if it is MUlti Region or not....

Hey i know for sure its Region A LOL....

Sorry as soon as i know something i will get back with you on it... maybe someone else can answer that question in the meantime ?!

Take care


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Just now, pioneers said:

@Pbsw23 no info yet on region coding ☺️

Cheers Buddy, I suspect I'll be in for this regardless, and then either purchase a multi region blu Ray player as suggested by @Masterblaster or swap the disc out ???

Just nice to know if and when anyone finds out ???

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8 hours ago, Masterblaster said:

@Pbsw23 with all these super nice people at MP im sure someone will let you know ... hey ... by the way ENJOY your Vacation ... !!

Thanks! I have So many Awesome premium steelbook to open and watch this week thanks to MP, it'd be hard to anything other than enjoy it! ???

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  • extantsrevenge changed the title to The Fifth Element (4K UHD/2D Blu-ray Steelbook) (Only @ Best Buy) [USA]


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