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@ all admins and mods


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Here again my THANK YOU to you
I just got the card

my special thanks to Ann
think you've got that in the way



Now I'm really baffled
my wife brought me a card,
with the best congratulations from the staffs
from MP
I just miss the words,
tears are running right now

came from England, no idea about whom, maybe Ann?

but would not have been necessary
have already received your congratulations here in the forum, THANK YOU !!!!!!


:wow::cool:    👍



J'ai pu écrire ceci en anglais, maintenant il me faut le traducteur


Ici encore, MERCI à vous
Je viens de recevoir la carte

mes remerciements spéciaux à Ann
pensez que vous avez cela de la manière



Maintenant je suis vraiment dérouté
ma femme m'a apporté une carte,
avec les meilleures félicitations des états-majors
de MP
Les mots me manquent
les larmes coulent en ce moment

est venu d'Angleterre, aucune idée de qui, peut-être Ann?

mais n'aurait pas été nécessaire
ont déjà reçu vos félicitations ici dans le forum, MERCI !!!!!!


@Masterblaster @Benoit46 @ksosk @extantsrevenge @Scary Hair @ukade2327 @deckard99 @DParadigm @icewire @thomue1987 @airwins

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It is from us ALL everyone  on  Media Psychos 😁❤❤💋💋


4 minutes ago, CAYENNE-FAHRER said:

I put the card under my pillow tonight,
then I dream of MP


giphy 4.gif


Your Gif VERY TRUE ❤💋💋Before invoice



 After invoice 


giphy 4.gif





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I just wanted to Thank all of you for everything. I really appreciate you guys working and allowing me to keep my filmarena number when it was transfered over to MP. It really meant a lot to me and honestly i can not thank you guys enough for that. 

I know things are stressful a lot for you all and i know we make it difficult too sometimes but i dont think anyone or any site works as hard as you guys do for us. I love being a part of the MP family and hope to continue to be a part for the long haul.

So again i wanted to Thank all of you personally for everything. It means a lot to all of us. 

(Like the topic of @all admin and mods under the appreciation thread so wanted to take advantage of the title) 

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  • ★ Administrators ★

A long distance kiss from me @bgoodman112!


Allow me to grumble a little, haha.

Running MP is really very stressful. Very often, when I login, there's a ton of requests and complaints waiting for me. So many can go wrong in all these GBs and when they do, there's a ton of things to do. 

As everyone knows, we are all volunteers. Seeing a thank you post here and there occassionally really helps to make the daya little better :)


Thanks again @bgoodman112!



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