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Scary Hair

Physical Media Age Rating

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Age ratings exist for a reason  yet sometimes we have let the childabeasts view things rated older than there actual years on view at  home physical media .


I remember viewing The Thing , The Terminator , Galaxy Of Terror  , Mad Max saw all and others for the first time under age . Hell some of them before age rating came in and the phrase Video Nasty being introduced , YES I AM THAT OLD 🤣🤣


Ours quickly pointed out that " on the internet you can watch what you want "


We have always conscious of bad language and inappropriate content and taken decisions on a movie by movie  basis👍 😁.


Now they are 18 and 16 it's a relief that no longer is screening content before they view a must .


After all if they don't like it there is always a pillow or sofa to hide behind OR an off button .




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@Scary Hair That’s a good and important topic. When I joined MP I didn’t realize that a lot of the members here are actually grown ups with kids (in some ways it was a relief to learn that the art of Premium collecting was not restricted to teenagers and twenty something geeks).

I learned a long time ago not to base my decisions as to what my daughter should or shouldn’t watch on ratings (or what is perceived as the general consensus), but rather on my instinct as a parent. My daughter is almost seven but has the intellectual maturity of a 10 year old (not bragging, a school psychologist recently confirmed what we already suspected).

As such I didn’t deem inappropriate showing her films that other parents may feel reluctant to show kids at the same age.

Recent examples are some Bond movies (mostly Moore as they are more light hearted), ‘Little Shop Of Horrors’ and ‘Amadeus’ which she absolutely adored and has since rewatched (the full director’s cut).

What I think is most important is to sit with your children when you try and show them a film which might be ‘risky’ and gauge their reaction. Only by doing so can we truly know what is appropriate viewing for our children.

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One thing we always did was make sure that a line was drawn between actor and character. 



Also how the movie or TV  is made helped them understand more scary things when they where little .


Dr Who Fear Her  episode  was terrifying.  Yet they saw it was the effects guys banding a door open and closed while turning a light with a red bulb on and off .


After that both became a lot more interested in behind the scenes. 


So much so our boy is doing Media as his course in September as he wants to go into Cinematography  as a job .


Your Young Lady  will have a fantastic start in life being introduced to amazing movies to widen her viewing horizons 😊❤❤💋💋 



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@Scary Hair @R1s1ngs0n,


I'm glad I was brought up when I was, because we grew up on the Universal Classic Monsters (with no ill effects BTW!)! vampire.gif


Every Friday/Saturday night my mom (this is after my dad had already passed, I was 8 icon_sad.gif) would have us make our pallets of blankets in the living room and she would make Jiffy Pop popcorn with our sodas and we would watch our favorite Ghoul host SAMMY TERRY put on those classic monsters! icon_biggrin.gif


Very precious and happy memories for us! icon_smile.gif


eb27f52ffb07d7a96f9fc503bf104ee3.jpg&f=1 il_570xN.352598190_nzny.jpg&f=1 1960s_pepsi_bottles.jpg&f=1 






















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