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Hello everyone 


As the number of members participating in the Quiz section hasn’t really taken off, I’ve decided to try a different approach that might hopefully change that.

Every once in a while I will randomly tag a member (preferably online) to whom I will present a question (could be an anagram, choose the correct answer, guess the movie from the picture, etc.) Only that tagged member would be allowed to answer so no interference from other members please.

As long as the member participates and answers the question, no matter right or wrong, I will give a reaction (thanks/like for correct answer and sad/confused for wrong answer). No answer at all - no reaction. Other members are invited of course to add their own likes for some well deserved reputation boosting.

I doubt if this makes for an attractive proposition but I’m willing to give it a shot.

*** other members are more than welcome to tag their fellow members for surprise questions - the more the merrier.








TEAM BREZEL (+10 Bonus Points)

@extantsrevenge - 146 🥨  

@Digitale_Kunst - 49 🥨 

@JiumJium - 12 🥨 

@thomue1987 - 12 🥨  

@icewire - 9 🥨  

@PRIAPISM - 8 🥨  

@Trianna - 8 🥨  

@BobaFett1974 - 6 🥨 

@Krafkali - 6 🥨 

@Bunaldinho - 5 🥨    

@Phil. - 4 🥨    

@Hatori - 3 🥨  

@TheDavoser - 3 🥨 

@raylight - 2 🥨  


@Dr. Demonic - 1 🥨 

@hummels23 - 1 🥨  

@sepultura007 - 1 🥨 


TEAM BAGUETTE (+4 Bonus Points)

@Limited Edition - 141 🥖 

@cypheria078 - 126 🥖 

@romain - 28 🥖 

@lingrass - 18 🥖  

@GANTZ - 12 🥖  

@Benoit46 - 11 🥖 

@airwins - 10 🥖 

@bearlol - 10 🥖  

@Minui - 7 🥖 

@R1s1ngs0n - 7 🥖  

@bilbon - 5 🥖  

@SkywalkerZ - 5 🥖 

@Magnifly - 3 🥖  

@3rasus - 2 🥖 

@Apo - 2 🥖 

@Adema - 1 🥖 

@hyene - 1 🥖 


TEAM BURGER/FISH & CHIPS (+7 Bonus Points)

@ukade2327 - 87 🍟 

@Scary Hair - 66 🍟 

@RileyLad - 15 🍟 

@Pbsw23 - 10 🍟 

@goose_3387 - 9 🍟 

@Robertm89 - 9 🍟     

@ianmoore82 - 8 🍟 

@deckard99 - 7 🍔 

@Steelbook Indy - 7 🍔 

@Hollywood E Rock - 5 🍔 

@DarthEd - 4 🍔  

@Veum - 4 🍔 


@Basil - 2 🍟  

@capricornio34232 - 2 🍔  

@DodgyDave - 2 🍟 

@DParadigm - 2 🍔 

@The Godfather - 2 🍔 

@45Caliber - 1 🍔 

@leelee17 - 1 🍟 

@RAK - 1 🍔 



@Mrs.Robinson - 6 🥘 

@Count Dantes - 2 🥘 

@Grendel - 1 🥘 

@ksosk - 1 🥘 



Edited by R1s1ngs0n
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Top Posters In This Topic

Top Posters In This Topic

3 minutes ago, RileyLad said:


that looks like John Travolta to me.


I have no idea what film or character tho 🤔


Am I aloud to phone a friend ??? 😁📞 



@RileyLad what do you think this is, ‘who wants to be a millionaire?’ No PM and no phone calls 😉

You must be one of the 5 members here that haven’t seen or only saw ‘Blade Runner’ once a very, very long time ago.

Just for sports, give any answer so I can at least acknowledge your participation.

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22 minutes ago, R1s1ngs0n said:

The question will now go to our very own @Scary Hair


THE AMAZING Edward (James ) Olmos . 


As Gaff from Blade Runner. 


A notable performance and movie well worth a watch Stand and Deliver based on a true story of a  Teacher of  Calculus who took a class in a run down low income area and school who's ways of teaching sees the remarkable turn around in the School due  to his teaching methods .


He was nominated for best actor however lost to Dustin Hoffman in Rain Man .



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3 minutes ago, R1s1ngs0n said:

Next up @45Caliber

What’s Henry Fonda’s juror number in 12 Angry Men?

Wow. Good question and one I'm afraid one I did not retain despite having only watched it a year or so ago. I'm going to guess 1.


Also, I think I see where your going with feeling out specific people based on previous participation.  I honestly think your quizes are a little difficult for the average movie watcher; which is cool, as they should be a challenge, but might I suggest something like level-ups? Easy-Medium-Hard

2 hours ago, goose_3387 said:

I find your lack of knowledge disturbing

Now, now @goose_3387. It's not always about knowledge. Sometimes we have torturous brain-cramps or don't retain specific details. I'm old and this happens to me all the time. In this case, I knew that actor, but couldn't remember the character and I personally love Travolta as a guess. I can totally see it. 😂

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  • ★ Administrators ★

@R1s1ngs0n that is a funny idea, I hope that the members tagged enjoy this and will also check out the other quizzes. You have to forgive if we can't always run to the newest quiz as we got lots of stuff going on 😅. But I really hope more participate.


I think you have to make a list of the points members gather while playing. Maybe we have an award in the future which can be awarded after a certain amount of points is achieved in the games 😁.I think @cypheria078 and @Scary Hair would be on top already 👍

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@45Caliber Henry Fonda was Juror #8.

I will take you wise words under advisement. I try to identify each member’s specific interests and at the same time try to present a question that will test their knowledge.

Like @extantsrevenge for instance.

Thanks for joining in buddy, this one’s special tailored for you:

Name the two actors who have portrayed both a Bond main villain and Bond ally.

Edited by R1s1ngs0n
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  • ★ Administrators ★
1 minute ago, R1s1ngs0n said:

You’re banned, you hear me... BANNED!!

And it’s Joe Don Baker 😉

I saw you giving me a sad smiliy and I just wanted to post I'm no longer playing  😅😜 but I'm sorry for the wrong letter.



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