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Enter The Dragon along with any other Bruce Lee movie .


The timing of each part of the fight sceans  a true marvel mo matter how many times you see it .


The Matrix  you all know the sequence enough said




Shape Of Water whatever magic that Dance section had was so fascinating  even for me who is a dance philistine 😳😁

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6 minutes ago, Scary Hair said:

Shape Of Water I found a slow burn . A gripping watch  


I need to  see 3 Billboards too 😳

2 excellent films. 


Shape of water agreed is a bit slow in places but come the end your in awe. Excellent film making. 


Three billboards bit of a sleeper hit for me. Very strong performance by Francis mcdormand in that one 👌 I'd recommend you see both as soon as possible @R1s1ngs0n

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Oh I love that Matrix scene @Scary Hair ☺️


So many great fights throughout cinematic history.


Crouching Tiger, Hidden Dragon just beautiful. The end fight from The Man from Nowhere crazy, or Equilibrium ☺️, Bloodsport the complete tournemant. The Raid 2 😳, John Wick, or anything Jet Li has done 😅, damn the list goes on and on.

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