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Show me what you got - Mob edition

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So, as promised, a new trivia dedicated to my favorite genre - Mob movies.


Be warned that spoilers will be revealed so if you haven’t seen any of these classics (which I refuse to believe), then stop right here!


Here goes:


1. In Goodfellas, what is the name of the wiseguy who went to ‘get the papers, get the papers’?


2. In Godfather pt.1, how does Apolonia, Michael’s first wife, die?


3. Name the recently deceased British actor who played Leo, the local kingpin in the Coens’ Miller’s Crossing.


4. With what do the Columbian traffickers threaten to kill Tony Montana in Scarface?


5. In Godfather pt.2, which famous real life gangster is Hyman Roth based on?


Good luck



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44 minutes ago, Masterblaster said:

1. Jimmy Two Times cause he said everything twice hence the nick

2. assasination

3. dont know cause never watched 

4. Chainsaw 

5. Meyer Lansky


Hey there @Masterblaster, nice of you to come and join us 🙏.

First of all, I urge you to watch Miller’s Crossing as it is a masterpiece, my personal favorite Coens movie.

Secondly, I’m impressed with you knowledge of fictional organized crime.

Just so I can give you your well deserved 4 points, can you please tell me how exactly does Apolonia meet her end?


Thanks for playing.


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