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Found 6 results

  1. Hello Psychos ! To help start 2021 in true Psycho fashion, I decided to host a free give-away raffle 😃 On offer is my sealed copy of Cine Museum's newly released The Shining fullslip. The raffle is open to all members but I would only ask that people who already own this edition, whether they got it directly through CM or via our GB, to refrain from participating as to give other members a chance to win this edition. Anyone who wishes to participate just needs to reply in this topic... a quote from the movie would be a nice touch 😉 The thread will be locked on February 1st, 12pm CET and the lucky winner will be announced shortly after. The winner will be expected, naturally, to cover shipping cost to his/her address (details to be exchanged through PM). Good luck to everyone.
  2. Hello fellow Psychos! Following @Lehkem’s recent example and @thomue1987’s constant nagging, I am putting up for a free give away raffle my pre-ordered copy of CM’s Lenticular Full Slip edition of Casino (the winner will only be required to cover shipping cost). This title (limited to 400 copies) is set to be released in February 2020, so members wishing to participate have plenty of time to do so by letting me know here on this thread 😊 Once I get shipping notification from CM I will lock the thread, later to be reopened to announce the winner once I have the item in my possession. Cheers
  3. Dear non-tiered members! On behalf of @Masterblaster MP would like to offer you the chance to win 1 Platinum Membership 2020/21. This is our highest tiered membership which gives members priority in several exclusive Group Buys, as well as many other perks. More details the membership perks coming very soon. Each non-tiered member who wishes to participate in the draw just needs to post in this thread and he/she will be added to the participation list. The winner will be drawn using RANDOM.ORG and announced by @Masterblaster on 17th July 2020 CT . ONLY NON-TIERED MEMBERS ARE ELIGIBLE FOR THIS GIVEAWAY! PREMIUM MEMBERS AND STAFF CANNOT PARTICIPATE IN THE DRAW! We thank you all for your support and wish you WINNER HAS BEEN ANNOUNCED !! Participation List : ethnosax Mrs.Robinson RAK Raky73 somebodys_kid simba73 Ardi41 gski57 decodex halifaxmack72 morningcoffee Unai Usabiaga predutalin bossjon Mefffisto thisgenius 29bananas Powered Convoy ryanbsmith SamMattMad Petchy2538 Harmonov Charger23us MrTwoArms Superbam Headhunter Elitistaxis loaded1333 rebelrocks razer65 Snowden2000 Trajan ponponpon Nerfherder77 marvelfan84 Elso psychoscot bfletcher metallica5453 River_Rogers Sinticular86 gamerknight Hyunsoo Cha Spainboy79 TEU_Face LeGonze Glynd4vies SlickWilly GuyIncognit0 fantasticfilm romain Suppachekka Mokum Cy1 MyNameIsRob Shakey4 Caktus26 Leojimy Jaksu DrNotSoHorrible DarkCloud Messer chuckspadina Tsubasa white0328 Maksood TAC Omerta77 mpmarcel ddilts399 EasyCo506 svarc Darnoc mspand Alexbaciu92 ictbydesign Francisco Gonzalvez Garcia Fredrik lunazero Adilou Daft Blusteelbook Shaun Stocks KubricksYarbles TechSpec924 Minkme92 notdan Housemd395 Carl Allan Legarth Nielsen claptraw DJJEZ FlanInTheFace M.i.k.e Koetter86 Schnackie1 Christopher Gizmondo23 Overkill646 videdrome Jd007 Felix psycellium oddmania richard Ian Smith Lang Warghuul DTedd lelouch Collecta Free DarthEd juveunu DarkSphere00 Civilwar Mliddell Mad-martigan harssh333 GazJones785 chingie123 Lordpercy muchasgracias1971 andyc82 LaRone jih5084 stephoo67 AreAcid jimmygzp taylora98 Sriram Gaz85 glengarry TheBigMacDaddy Julien2 mammoth vegauc Mixpower jan_reinhardt Chris Yee Azule43 simonsj mjk Neil21Harris PsychoMarkus Jack D. Ireshgreen cryginic Masta Norris Mattrivers95 MacTee number33 Straju02 soubi71 txfosho Robert Martin Friel buzzz04 Reborn Stefbo86 ajames212 GhoulzZTropica Wheels MadMatt86 Andrew Dying1minuteatatime SkywalkerZ Steelbookfan2662 Kambon84 Lokiamos seru1991 Moshan yoshi fonchino musoeriuta ProngstheWhovian Imalilteapot RayBan Ripper bbidowntown art7200 Hansen_Lit Warren Coleman maxpower1999 Feathers McGraw FromConcentrate HeightOfFolly zarbie 8 Trigram LectroluvIV Augello Edualdo Tanakorn DylanWyszynski rain Tonard homuhomu Salias pygospa powest PuzzleBox gio89100 B-bone Osiran fixsss Jay jay Konan Mallet Bobacrumb Blauer_Drache yellowcake Shezza Conjuring88 solilokeay Nominator1978 Foxneo13 vaudeville_gorilla CryoSteel Moviedad zones1445 VancouverGTO Peeranut Prompinun bamf3082 El_EspaÑol fred T.Stark CepitonE Kdunkel Nolan
  4. It is a new year! 2019 was a great year for Media Psychos and we ended with some members doing a give-back to the forum 😃 I bought some cosbabies to start off a good year. Hopefully, this trend will continue or even better, for good raffle you can consider bringing back our past raffle with ticket sale with the small proceed going back to MP to help in maintaining the forum! However, these few figurines will be given free! CAPTAIN MARVEL & GOOSE Quantity = 1 STAN LEE Quantity = 3 DOCTOR STRANGE Quantity = 1 CAPTAIN MARVEL Quantity = 1 THOR (Glow under Black Light) Quantity = 1 Note: Post your choice of ONE CHARACTER below. I would love to hear your FIRST BEST EXPERIENCE in Media Psychos, so hope you can include that in the post! The winner of each item will be announced on 13 Jan, Monday (10 days). Winners will have to pay for the shipping of the item 🙏 Chinese New Year is on 25th January, and I hope this small act of kindness will build up more good karma and allow me to start off my lunar new year well!! Woot! Love to read your post from hereon 😃 KS
  5. Hello Psychos Time for another free give-away raffle 🙂 and this time the winner will get to choose between two sealed copies of Reservoir Dogs NOVAMEDIA Fullslip A and B There is no limit to the number of participants. Raffle will be closed on April 1st with the winner expected to cover shipping costs. Good luck everyone ! 😃
  6. Hallo meine lieben GB-Freunde, ich habe mir überlegt eine kleine Verlosung zu machen. Also ein kleines Weihnachtsgeschenk für denjenigen, der gezogen wird. Teilnehmen können alle, die in irgendeiner Form an meinen GB‘s teilgenommen und hier Ihre Teilnahme mit einem „Request“ bestätigt haben. WICHTIG! Bitte kreuzt im Formular alles an, woran Ihr teilnehmen wollt. Einzelheiten zu den verschiedenen Preisen bzw. Verlosungen stehen unten! Und schon wieder ist ein Jahr rum, ein stressiges könnte man sagen. Was die GB‘s betrifft, gab es nur wenige Probleme, weshalb ich mich bei allen für den netten und freundlichen Kontakt bedanken will. Was wird es Neues im Jahr 2019 geben? Aufgrund der vielen Arbeit wurde mir vor kurzen der ROW Bereich abgenommen. Es war mir einfach zu viel. Daher bedanke ich mich gerade bei all denen, die über lange Zeit meine Member waren und nun die GB‘s von MP hoffentlich nutzen. Der restliche Europa-Bereich wird erst mal wie bisher weiterlaufen, nur seit kurzem über das MP Formular. Ich wünsche schon mal allen ein schönes Weihnachtsfest und einen guten Rutsch ins Jahr 2019! Also viel Spaß bei dieser Verlosung! VERLOSUNG A1 bis A4: Zu gewinnen gibt es Folgendes (Versandkosten trage ich innerhalb DE, im Ausland erfolgt der Versand mit der nächsten GB, oder wenn nichts bestellt ist, wird nach Auktion per PN der Versand geklärt): A1. Preis: 500g Echt Erzgebirgischer Weihnachtsstollen (nur für DE-Member) A2. Dunkirk Mediabook (German Release, OVP) A3. Deepwater (Horizon) Steelbook (FR Import, OVP) A4. Pirates 5 (Salazar) Steelbook (ohne 3D Disc, neuwertig) VERLOSUNG B1 bis B3: Zu gewinnen gibt es Folgendes (Versandkosten trage ich innerhalb DE, im Ausland erfolgt der Versand mit der nächsten GB, oder wenn nichts bestellt ist, wird nach Auktion per PN der Versand geklärt): B1. Preis: 10x Fullclosed Schutzschuber für SFC2 z.B. FAC Editionen. B2. Preis: 10x Fullclosed Schutzschuber für SFC2 z.B. FAC Editionen. B3. Preis: 5x je 200 Steelbook Schutzfolien. VERLOSUNG C1 bis C2: Verlosung C ist nicht kostenlos! Hier werden Dinge verlost, wo ich denke, dass sie einige interessieren könnten. Diese gibt es zu einem sehr günstigen Preis (Verschenken kann ich diese leider nicht). Der Versand kommt noch drauf! C1: The Day After Tomorrow (Black Barons, OVP) für 25€ C2: Prometheus E5B (FAC, OVP) für 20€ Teilnahmeschluss ist der 14.12.2018 um 16:00 Uhr (deutsche Zeit)! Das Ziehen der Lose erfolgt „händisch“ und nicht über eine Software! Viel Spaß. ----------------------------------------------------------------------- Hello my dear GB-friends, as a small Christmas present I have decided to do a little raffle for all my GB participants. Everyone who has participated in one of my Group Buys is allowed to enter the raffle. Important! Please use the form to enter and choose all items in which you would like to participate in. You’re allowed to enter as many price drawings as you want. The available raffle items are listed below. Another year has come to an end, a rather stressful one. When it comes to the GB’s, there were only a few problems, so I want to thank you all for the great and friendly contact I had with everyone. What will be new in 2019? Since the GB’s were getting to large I parted with the ROW, since it was simply too much to handle. I want to thank all the members from outside of Europe who were part of my GB’s and I hope you will get your future FAC editions from MP. The European members will still be able to get all the editions from my GB’s with the small difference that you use the form now as well. I wish everyone a Merry Christmas and a happy New Year. Hope everyone has a good time with the raffle. Raffle A1 to A4: The items you can win are listed below. I will pay the shipping costs within Germany, International shipping would be with the next GB, or if you’re not on any it will be arranged with you through PM, after the raffle is over) A1: 500g Echt Erzgebirgischer Weihnachtsstollen (only for DE-Member) A2: Dunkirk Mediabook (German Release, OVP) A3: Deepwater (Horizon) Steelbook (FR Import, OVP) A4: Pirates 5 (Salazar) Steelbook (without 3D Disc, like new) Raffle B1 to B3: The items you can win are listed below. I will pay the shipping costs within Germany, International shipping would be with the next GB, or if you’re not on any it will be arranged with you through PM, after the raffle is over) B1: 10x Fullclosed Protector SFC2 for example FAC Editions. B2: 10x Fullclosed Protector SFC2 for example FAC Editions. B3: 5x each 200 Steelbook protector sleeve. Raffle C1 to C2: Raffle C is not free! Here you can get items Out-of-Print Editions for a very low price (sorry I can’t give them away for free. Shipping costs are extra on these. C1: The Day After Tomorrow (Black Barons, OVP) 25€ C2: Prometheus E5B (FAC, OVP) 20€ End date for the raffle is december 14th 16.00 (German time)! The drawing of the winners will be done by hand, not with any kind of software! Enjoy and have a good time. Fragen / Question

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