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About Me

Found 5 results

  1. JUSTICE LEAGUE [MANTA LAB EXCLUSIVE #015] STEELBOOK (2D+3D) AND (2D+4K UHD) Group Buy: HERE Release Date: May 31st, 2018 Retail Price: One-Click: $167.97 Double Lenticular (3D + 2D): $52.99 Single Lenticular (4K UHD + 2D): $52.99 Fullslip (4K UHD + 2D): $52.99 Print Run: One-Click: 400 Sets Double Lenticular: 900 Single Lenticular: 800 Fullslip: 800 One Click Double Lenticular (3D+Blu-Ray) Lenticular (4K-UHD+Blu-Ray) Full Slip (4K-UHD+Blu-Ray) Hey Psychos, Some of you may know that I had the honour to meet up with John from Mantalab to present him a Service Award from the Mediapsychos team. I am sure many of the members here have experienced the wonderful service by the company. John sent his regards and wished to thank everyone in Mediapsychos for supporting Mantalab ? JUSTICE LEAGUE EXCLUSIVE EDITION IS IN THE WORKS AND AN UPDATE IS SOON TO BE RELEASED BY MANTALAB! THE ONE-CLICK BOX IS GOING TO BE AWESOME ?
  2. GROUPBUY HERE JUSTICE LEAGUE (WALMART EXCLUSIVE) [BD+DVD+DIGITAL] (Includes 6 Pins) Release Date : 2018 Price : $27.96
  3. I wanted to star a discussion thread for DC's Metal comic series So far I am seriously impressed with this line - the story has been on a scale I've never known in a comic before. What do you guys think - I'd love to hear thoughts and trivia all about METAL!
  4. Release: 29.03.2018 Price: 39,99 € Purchase Link: Amazon Note: 3D & 2D 2-Disc
  5. Release date: In Stock Price: 59.99€ Purchase link: FNAC Note: The Fnac gift card for the film's Blu-ray movie when it is released in 2018 The code to retrieve the digital copy of the film on FnacPlay when it is released in 2018 A connected object numbered 1. Your Justice League connected object sends you a signal as soon as new content is available. You will know everything about the characters of the Justice League. Discover all trailers, teasers, clips and more ... Collect DC Films and Animation content. 2. Get up close and your content syncs to your Smartphone 3. Collect and view your content on the free Justice League Connect app!

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