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  1. So 1 leather size and 2 wooden sizes? I had understood you meant 3 wooden sizes. And am I correct in thinking the 1 leather size is the same size as the smaller of the wooden sizes? Thanks for confirming.
  2. Which editions have this third size? Are all leather editions the same size?
  3. Any update on this @ksosk ? Do you think they will they be available to ship with Schindler's?
  4. Great job again ksosk . Will these fit the wooden editions or are you still working on those?
  5. Just my 0.02 I vote for Design 2. I don't think the vertical title on type A and type B front cover helps either. I also think the art on Design 1 type B looks "switched", it should be bee's face on the front, and the sunset image on the back, not that other way. Although I understand that could be intentional so people that buy type A & B can form Bee's full face. But it still looks odd to me.
  6. Thanks, more confusing than I thought initially LOL Hopefully they'll settle on a size for the wooden boxes and it can make you life easier with just a couple of protector sizes instead of 3-4. Thank you!
  7. That's great news. I even read, unless I misunderstood, there are 2 different sizes to the wooden boxes. Is that right? I haven't kept up with those threads though so that may be a misunderstanding on my part.
  8. Any news about protectors for UHD Club leather slips and wooden boxes? Are they in the works?
  9. The whole thing looks awesome ksosk. Any update on release date? Did UHD receive the discs yet? That was the last hurdle I read about.
  10. Thank you ksosk. That's great news. Now if only I knew about RPO.
  11. Are these stocked in every hub? Could I buy several of these and have them shipped along with whatever steels are waiting for me at the hub? Or do these have to be shipped in advance to the hub? Thanks.

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