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  1. Thanks to @Scary Hair, @ukade2327 and @Jb162009 I don’t have one single favorite edition, which I like more than all the others. But of course I'm happy to have the one or the other edition in my collection. For example, the Mad Max Fury Road (box set) [Hdzeta], Guardians of the Galaxy (FS) [Nova], X-Men Franchise [FA], I saw the devil (PET-Slip) [Plain], Big Hero 6 (single side Lenti) [Blufans], The Raid 1 & 2 (White FS) [Kimchi] only to name a few. And the question of my favorite video game is at least as difficult to answer. Game series like Super Mario, Donkey Kong Country, Super Smash Bros., Uncharted, God of War, GTA, Battlefield, Counter-Strike, ArmA and Burnout have been and continue to be my favorites. But of course also many single Indi-games. But Smackdown vs. Raw on the Wii was also funny at that time. Finally, the name of my bearded dragon is Tyson.
  2. Hey boys and girls, I would like to thank you for these warm greetings.
  3. Before John hits upon the idea and making the effort to translate my introduction, I try to compile it in English by myself. ? My name is Patrick. I'm 21 years old and come from Germany. My user name date back to my youth which was characterized by videogames. ^^ My avatar is a picture of my bearded dragon. I started in 2014 with active collecting of steelbooks. I especially love editions of Blufans and HDzeta. The WEA steelbooks always look phenomenal. The same applies in most cases for the slip design. As far as box-sets are concerned, Hdzeta is one step ahead over all other labels. Boxes of Blufans feel as too bulky for me and can be presented thereby badly in my shelf. Hardboxes of Filmarena weaken in workmanship. Since I can’t call boxes of Kimchi and Manta my own, I am not able to say anything about these. The today received Nova "Kill Bill" box is optically succeeded very well. However the quality of the workmanship is somewheer between HDzeta and Filmarena. So there is still room for the KB Vol. 2 release. In the end Everything Blus "Shaun of the Dead" box remains, which I hope to welcome in my collection within the next few weeks. ? Best regards Patrick PS: I like the new modern design very well. Will media psychos be available again via Tapatalk in the future?

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