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  1. Just so happy I ordered this after seeing them shots above...really looks nice with the spot glossing and lenticular 👍
  2. Wish I'd gone for 1-click now 😩 Guess I'll have to do with the single and double lenticular..
  3. Weird question but is this on hold for now as its running for a release in nov/dec?
  4. Wonder if the big box will be wooden with satin slots for the 1-clicks? Or they will go cheap and use cardboard.... Crafted wooden coffin sounds better ?
  5. At least For myself I found the super D cut was just as good as my viewing of infinity wars ...I guess it's all like marmite ...I basically like both a lot ?
  6. Fully agree Dave, nobody liked the HMV Steelbook artwork they use on the maniac box set.
  7. Well at least if you don't want to open the 1-click Box you know now you get the Steelbook artwork on the outside of the box. ?
  8. The green tick next to my name in the group buy? Oh ok. I only asked as most group buys I've been in don't have it so guessed it might be something to do with payments.... Thanks ?
  9. Silly question but what does the tick icon next to you name in the group buy mean? It's been allocated? Item paid for? Just checking ?
  10. I have already done 3 group buys so I think I'm safe ? I will do what you described Thank you for the info ukade2327 ?
  11. Quick question... I currently have myself down on all 3 Batman group buys with update status. What do I do now as I want all 3 1-clicks + hardbox to store them in? Will I be sent an message to ask me what I want? I'm asking as I'm still new here so still learning the ropes per say? Thanks

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