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  1. What an awesome giveaway! I am in "Come play with us Danny. Forever.....and ever......and ever."
  2. This is gonna be my very first MANIACS purchased. I am a huge fan of FAC but for monetary reasons I can't go for Maniacs, for this one I'll make an expection ! Also I am ecstatic about the WEA steelbook ! I love that they went for the old school front cover, I bought the German Mediabook just for that reason . Can't wait for the editions reveal !!!
  3. @Scary Hair Any idea when this will be released by Everything Blue ?
  4. Hahaha yeah the Steelbook art is way better than the 4K trilogy pack plus it's a steelbook, I am now sold
  5. Good point ! Man now you told me about switching 4K discs with the Trilogy Steelbooks , I might do the exact same ... god this is getting expensive
  6. Really ? haha that's a good one ! I actually wonder why the hell the Steelbook triple pack is not in 4K ??!! that's really a bummer
  7. Yeah i saw your post on FB i am thinking of Doug the same as you, pick up the 4K Trilogy in 4K especially since it’s only 59 CAD on amazon at the moment . Then I will buy the FAC based on the slip artwork.
  8. Guys, do you think the FAC release will include 4K / UHD disc ? The BB one it’s an option. I am tempted to buy the 4K Trilogy Blu-ray as I am not sure if the FAC will give us à 4K release.
  9. God I had no idea a T2 was in the books by FAC ? its a must buy , I hope we get some news soon ! How sweet would be to have all Predators, Aliens and Terminators movies by FAC !!
  10. Agree the AVPs would be really sweet to compelte the entire series !
  11. Same here ! Not feeling the BB one even though it's tempting to buy it just for the slip haha Very expensive news as I will need to compelte the entire Predators FAC releases only good news is that it's only scheduled for 2019 haha
  12. Even if it’s WWA, I am so excited about this release ! By by far my favourite movie of 2018 !

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