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  1. Just picked this up and one I removed the back card I was glad to see no writing on the back.
  2. Greetings, I am originally from California but have been living and working in Germany for the past two years and will be here for several more years before returning to the USA. I started collecting steelbooks primarily because I got bored and needed another hobby after moving to Germany. I have always been into Home theater going as far back as laser discs, so it was no surprise that I really found enjoyment in premium steelbooks. Unfortunately my OCD took over and I jumped in starting with filmarena FAC and most recently became a fan of Blufans and Hdzeta. I have also recently decided to only collect premium editions and have started to sell off and trade my standard steels. Again, the OCD may have kicked in as I don’t like the way standard steels look next to Full slips on the shelf...lol! But to contradict OCD, I do prefer to open the premium editions which I know most collectors don’t. I grew up as a teenager in the 80s so my favorite movies usually include action movies from Schwarzenegger and Stallone. I do wish Predator, Rocky, and Rambo would get a premium release! My other hobby is wine collecting and am geographically in the perfect spot to explore the wine regions of France, Italy, Spain, and Germany. These two hobbies often come together on a Friday night as I share a bottle of wine and movie with my wife and family. Look forward to contributing here!
  3. Thanks all! Just starting to learn and navigate my way through the site. Look forward to participating shortly!

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