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  1. Look what showed up minty and fresh! Beauty! Thanks @extantsrevenge @icewire
  2. beautiful edition, happy if i get a copy, happy if i don't good luck to all
  3. yeah for gump i'm either all in or all out until BS, knowing my luck i'll order a DL and then it'll be some artwork i'm not happy with lol that's why i went all in on predator but that's in my top ten so worth the risk! nice that manta OC is same size as zeta OC, OC without a protector for me is like an accident waiting to happen lmao now off i go, back to jaws film arena hunting
  4. that's is pal, removable j cards are where it's at! yeah inception looks bad with the j card imho, not at all disappointed i couldn't snag that one the joker OC could have used a removable j card also, hopefully someone will tell them this lol ready for hdzeta joker to see what they bring to the table! also forrest gump FA sounds interesting but i don't wanna sign up for that one until i see beauty shots
  5. yes i am looking forward to dunkirk also thanks mate, have to admit though i threw the j card away haha, looks way better without it
  6. was worth the wait! Beauty, well done manta
  7. great list mate! heard lots of good things about hereditary. i was first introduced to tombstone a few months ago and i wasn't disappointed! "i got two guns, one for each of ya"
  8. hey now, terminator: dark fate was a masterpiece!!!!! 😆
  9. yes i think maybe 'TOP 100' would be easier!

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