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    coming soon... https://www.bestbuy.com/site/inception-steelbook-includes-digital-copy-4k-ultra-hd-blu-ray-blu-ray-only--best-buy-2010/6402224.p?skuId=6402224
  2. Thanks love! glad you finally saw joker great isn’t it
  3. thanks buddy! @RileyLad it's a custom steelbook magnet! i don't like much of the joker artwork especially the steels so i found this one , although of course i love the movie
  4. yeah boi!!! nice one guys, i had no idea about this lol enjoy john
  5. Bravo! 👏 Thanks again @blu.steel33 and @Scary Hair enjoy your gift!!!
  6. Dunkirk was the most fun I had at the movies since mad max fury road ! 😃
  7. Nolan is a genius, he’s a modern day James Cameron in his prime i always loved QT movies, but combined with his strong backbone and refusal to pander to haters, faith in Hollywood that they can still make great movies and love of Nolan’s work and especially Dunkirk (which gets a 10/10 from me) he’s officially at the top of the list in my good books at the moment lol In my opinion he should have gotten best director at the oscars but that’s a whole other topic we have plenty to be happy about this past year , if they only make ten great movies per year that’s good enough for me (and better for my wallet) hahaha
  8. I hear ya, I wasn’t saying t3 was good by any stretch, but compared to the other films it gets my vote dark fate felt like it was written by sjws and the poor cgi made me cringe, so I couldn’t sit to the end, it just felt like a waste of time I love the first two movies also, but to be honest it would be nigh on impossible to top T2 now, so I hope they just leave the franchise alone terminator salvation was a good opportunity at a fresh movie and they ruined it so I’ll keep watching the classics and pray like Tarantino that they keep making ‘real’ movies in spite of the box office success of films like avengers endgame etc also looking forward to the avatar sequels, as the first one was great in my book
  9. i walked out of dark fate, it was too bad for me but yes, definitely an improvement over genisys which is saying something lol i find to get my terminator kicks i watch the original or terminator 2 in 4k, which everyone has slated and i have no idea why. i think it looks great! watched terminator 3 again recently and i have to say, it's way better than anything else that followed T2 and has actually aged quite well considering
  10. fair enough, i used to be platinum myself but stopped buying blufans for a while so switched to gold. passed on avengers and captain marvel but these two got my attention!

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