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  1. at last i have found it, ladies and gentlemen, behold the holy grail
  2. guys!!! after seeing that unboxing i'm seriously regretting not grabbing this! anyone have any left? ideally with the MP branding! i know it's a longshot lol @ukade2327@Benoit46 @Masterblaster@ksosk
  3. haha sweet! can't wait to see it. yeah man, this and READY PLAYER ONE are two of the best pieces in my collection and all in the same week
  4. trust me man, those pics don't do it justice at all! wait till you get it in hand i would have taken some better ones but i'm a bit swamped at the moment! as for opening, i couldn't. i keep all my stuff sealed aside from amarays and the odd steel most of my premiums are display prestige copies

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