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  1. Now that you mention it I haven’t get any notifications for the last 18 days...
  2. Just FYI for everyone, Shipping has started! Just got my shipping confirmation. I ordered the PET full slip directly from them, shipped to the US.
  3. Thanks for this information @45Caliber So @Guiltybyproxy I would probably look into the new Sony UBP-X700 player since it’s gonna play pretty much everything you throw at it (incl dolby vision, don’t know if 3D tho). Maybe you can find an region unlocked model to also play region-locked non-4K Blu-rays. But everything will become 4K so it just matters more for your existing collection.
  4. That one click looks awesome but my wallet reminds me that just the PET Full Slip might be the more wise choice ? wish 4K was in it but most likely will pick it up as I have no other premium of it and that movie is just awesome
  5. Thanks MP @ksosk @Masterblaster @Scary Hair @45Caliber @Benoit46 @DodgyDave @extantsrevenge @DParadigm (And all other ppl involved i don’t get to name) For helping me getting my first premium steel! It just looks amazing ? you guys do an amazing job handling all that craziness?
  6. Manta’s latest Facebook posts indicate preorders for next week and slightly increased prices.
  7. What does NM stand for? I saw it behind some usernames for a GB (blu fans Thor ragnarok)
  8. Thanks @DodgyDave! And of course, I understand that’s an estimate.

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