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  1. I'm pretty sure the more expensive one (that's linked in the first post) includes international shipping. I can't remember anything about a September date but it did say it was due out in June. This set was originally crowdfunded and they only later decided to make it widely available as a limited pre-order so they might get all the backer copies out first.
  2. Got my order in last night. I hope they pack it well. To be honest, Chen Uen is an amazing illustrator and artist but his actual comics are kind of bad. Still really looking forward to watching this documentary though.
  3. Will these have new discs or just re-package the existing ones? There's a 2K remaster of the first movie that hasn't made it onto any physical media yet. The other two are still upscales.
  4. I missed the GB but managed to put an order in direct. Been checking regularly to see if it's shipped. Take a look today and my order status has changed to 'Refunded'. 😟
  5. Yeah, it's a bit too '60s-looking, but I still really like it. That being said, there was a revival of 1930s aesthetics in the 1960s. Graphic design of the time was hugely influenced by things like Art Deco and Bauhaus. Just look at Saul Bass--his work is something that epitomises the 1950s and 1960s but is actually much more reminiscent of the aesthetic of a previous era.
  6. I think you left out Wim Wenders: Wings of Desire and Paris, Texas 🙃
  7. I don't think they do. It says on their site that only certain items can be shipped overseas but no specifics. I tried a few different items (Blu-rays, books, t-shirt) and all of them would only ship to France and Belgium.
  8. Does Yesasia still have the digipack version? I thought that was sold out already and it's a regular Blu-ray case edition now.
  9. It's my favourite David Lynch movie and I think the most accessible proper David Lynch movie (i.e. not including the handful of 'normal' movies he's made like The Elephant Man or The Straight Story). It's got his trademark style while also having a fairly straightforward plot--it's a road movie where two people who are crazy for one another run off to California, but along the way they have misadventures and run-ins with very eccentric characters. Like most his work, the tone switches between very dark and very (darkly) comedic, but they never seen disparate because it all comes together throu
  10. Looks cool, but any chance we can get some bigger beauty shots?
  11. Damn! I can't believe I missed this. I didn't even know there was a Digipack section here... 😭
  12. It's an amazing release simply for existing. But I think people should still set their expectations accordingly in regards to picture and sound since they didn't restore it from a negative, and that they had to take the opening and end credits from tape.

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