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  1. Darn, even if I wanted to. I couldn't. Group Buy policy There was a recent restock yesterday, contact the gb admins to see if they have a spare. Worth a try.
  2. Oh yeah, doesn't beat MoS in how many releases that one has.
  3. Forgot I even wanted this, and really don't even want it no more, with many editions already out and owned. But a GB is a GB and so INVOICE PAID. Glad CM is finally releasing some of these, I gotta say, I think I have 3 or 2 OC's of CM's OUATH. I expect news soon then.
  4. 😂 Never thought about it that way lol If you had told me that I own more than 1% of bitcoin, then I would been impressed. 😔
  5. Just arrived today! Another reason why I bought 3. You can display the full art
  6. Huge thanks for the reply! Waited this long. I can wait a little longer. Can't wait to have it in my hands.
  7. If someome knows the right person to tag. That would be great. Im still waiting for a reply. Thanks
  8. I understand that. But they should be glad to know I was part of the original trend back in 2017 and been waiting for this beauty quite sometime now. There was more than plenty of time. Some gave up hope. But I didnt. Besides. I buy three because... 1.) Open 2.) Keep Sealed 3.) back up if house goes up in flames or a break in.
  9. Many, many thanks! I really do appreciate that. You guys are the best! And if for some reason it cant be done after all. It's no big deal.
  10. Yes I would. They put me down for 2 thought lol. At this point I'd take 3 if I could. I just love Drive too much. I need 1 Sealed. 1 to keep & 1 just in case the other 2 get lost in a fire.
  11. Hello, I order 4 OC. Was wondering if that's correct. The format looks odd here.

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