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  1. Received this beauty today. My very first one click / boxset and I couldnt be happier. I even got #85 to match my user name. Thanks @ksosk and MP for the GB. Much appreciated.
  2. I told myself I wasn't going to get this but that design is just perfect so I couldn't resist.
  3. Last update shipping got bumped from October but CM didn't confirm when it would actually ship. I think a printing issue with the box was mentioned. Fingers crossed it ships this year.
  4. Haha, the box is good, don't hate it and it's growing on me already, just thought a red one with the young and old Danny poster would have been amazing. Nonetheless I can't wait and will definitely be going with the one click.
  5. Slips look great. Love that artwork on the booklet. Not sure about the box but hopefully will have a nice finish.
  6. Not a huge selection of poster art available for this release. What's everyone hoping for with the slips? Personally I'd like to see the red Danny hallway art on the box, the main theatrical poster on a lenti (same as CM lenti), and for a full slip the black profile poster with the text that matches the first edition hardcover of the book. I also really like the art on the CM full slip but HDZ need to do something different, plus an overall red and black colour scheme would look amazing.
  7. Was the movie actually released in China? Like the IT chapters, it's possible that this was either cut quite heavily or wasn't released at all, hence the discless release. Although I'd prefer the discs, I'd much prefer a discless release to no release at all. This was a fantastic movie and deserves a good premium treatment.
  8. Yes, BB and CM have both announced releases. CM beauty shots have been around for months but still no preorder date confirmed. CM would be your best bet for a matching set as the Shining and Doctor Sleep boxes work really well together, as do the individual slips.
  9. Full slip looks stunning! Getting excited to receive this now!
  10. I can't comment specifically on this release, but typically single CM editions are around the €60 mark. International shipping roughly another €15. Group buy and PayPal fees will be on top. Exact costs probably won't be confirmed until closer to release.
  11. Really appreciate the detailed comparison @DodgyDave. The Black Barons hardbox also looks to have kind of bevelled edges, while the edges of the HDZeta appear nice and sharp. Unless the BB art is far superior, I think I'll try my luck at the HDZeta edition. Hopefully we'll see the beauty shots soon!
  12. Not even sure the release is confirmed at this stage. The last major update from ML made no mention of it. Hoping it does go ahead at some point though, the WWA steelbook for this film is pretty disappointing.

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