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  1. My Mantalab collection! I am so in 😍with it!!!
  2. Here is my small Novamedia collection....
  3. Hell yes to Watchmen! Love that movie, others for me would be Se7en and Lord of the Rings
  4. I set up mine a while ago and forgot to share my screen shot, hopefully I can get the award ?.....
  5. Just returned from vacation so here is my hdzeta collection!
  6. Quick question, has everyone from the first batch receive their copy? I'm just basing this from the GB list that is divided by batch and am on the 1st batch list and I'm still waiting for my copy to arrive, just wondering not rush on my part. Thanks!
  7. I'm little bummed out on this news, I really wanted to collect UHD full UC series but I cant see myself investing in certain Marvel titles as I don't love their movies as much to see me investing in them unless we get The Incredible Hulk release( I adore this movie) but oh well, excited for the rest of you guys and love the wooden box for Forrest Gump hopefully it gets approved. Cheers!
  8. Hi @goose_3387 Can you please add this pic next to my platinum banner with my name on the bottom left corner of it. No rush on this just whenever you get a chance! Thanks!
  9. I will wait until whenever for this release, I love love this movie my favorite CBM, I'm one of the few that became a Superman fan after MoS so yes I also wish that Zack can return and do MoS2. And btw BvS is awesome. In a different subject I would love if we can get a premium release for The Watchmen ??
  10. Awesome collection! really dig the cabinet, need something like this for my collection
  11. This are some beauty shots @megabeewell done and again can't wait to have it on my hands ?
  12. Wow this is beautiful ?, I have all the patience in the world because for something this beautiful is worth the wait ?

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