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  1. Happy Birthday @ukade2327! Many wishes of health, joy and happiness my friend! 🥳🎉🎂🥳
  2. Happy Birthday@Scary Hair! Sweet Ann wishing you lots of health, happiness and joy always my friend! Love ya! Translation: You can always count with my friendship ...
  3. Happy Birthday @forenhase All the best my friend!
  4. By all means YES!!!!!!!! Thanks Ann for the heads-up!
  5. Congrats @Veum !! Nothing like having some Gold! Cheers!
  6. Hi Dave! Yes, probably he is asleep. Since I'm not the only one let us wait for a coming solution. I have to sleep too. Hope we may have our GOLD reserved. I mean people who wants to renew the membership like me. Thanks for the update! Alex
  7. Hi guys! @Masterblaster @deckard99 @Scary Hair @extantsrevenge @DodgyDave I'm having problems to renew my GOLD membership. See the attached imagem please. Can someone help me? Alex
  8. Thanks John! I'll keep my estes peeled! Take care, Alex
  9. @Masterblaster Hi John! To keep my Gold membership will be there another link after thís Platinum 24 hours ? Or is it enough to talk to you? Thanks, Alex
  10. Happy Birthday beloved @Scary Hair
  11. Happy birthday @deckard99! Happiness and health to you my friend! Cheers!
  12. Happy Birthday and best wishes to you all @ksosk @manvfilm @airwins @Mway1 Alex
  13. Late but still in time, HAPPY BIRTHDAY @forenhase All the best my friend! Cheers! Alex

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