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  1. Kinda surreal to think there's about to be a bunch of empty OC boxes as people go for the single editions they want
  2. Anyone had any luck finding anything that does a good job of protecting E3? Just canvassing for tips before I try splicing two XL protectors together
  3. @deckard99 a loose lenticular magnet that came in the fullslip edition of BR 2049. I messaged them on facebook and they confirmed it was a free gift, seen some other people get the same thing on facebook
  4. I recieved my edition 5B today. Did anyone elses come with a random blade runner 2049 lenticular?
  5. These latest Black Barons reveals have all been seriously nice - to think these are all coming within the next couple of months as well. They've been working hard and fast and I'm loving it.
  6. How could you go about requesting a specific number? Is a done thing that you can contact the supplier directly and just ask if they'd be willing to set it aside?
  7. @xSNAKExPLISSKENx This is great - Snyders doing some great stuff with this series. It's the scale of it that makes it for me. It's finishing soon - I'd say you're only a few months from a trade paperback release, but I also really reccomend you get your hands on the 'dark knights' tie in, they're a great little anthology of stories and take batman to some dark places.
  8. @nefilim It's all coming to an end soon so be wary of spoilers It taught me a few things about collecting comics - this is one of the first ones ive had on subscription and ive ended up picking up issues that have shot up in value which feels great.
  9. I wanted to star a discussion thread for DC's Metal comic series So far I am seriously impressed with this line - the story has been on a scale I've never known in a comic before. What do you guys think - I'd love to hear thoughts and trivia all about METAL!
  10. Thank god for this exclusive artwork - I was so worried I'd have to settle for that dull HMV exclusive rubbish steel. Mantalab have been including more and more 'gifts' in their products I've noticed - coasters and pin badges. Wonder if they'll do anything special for this one...

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