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  1. I recently saw this one and placed preorder. Found store in France so i won't have to pay any extra VAT/Import fees. Now i can't wait for 2 more movie premium editions of Venom coming. Love this guy. 😍
  2. I meant i preordered it from Amazon. Wanted jpc but their packaging... is even worse than Amazon so i went with 1st.
  3. Can also be pre-ordered from jpc.de for 32.99€. @CAYENNE-FAHRERi preordered if there.
  4. Agree that FAC and Blufans are great beauties but i wouldn't mind another release especially from retailer like this. Well, time will tell. Just though someone has more info or at least acknowledge existance of working on this movie.
  5. Hi guys, I'm just asking if someone knows anything more perhaps, is it true UHDClub is working on Venom 2018. I also heard smh about coming out around end of this year but to tell the truth i'm more curious if it's true it's in their works?
  6. Release date: 9th of December 2021 Purchase link: Amazon.es Price: 29,95€ Spanish title: Mad Max: Furia en la Carretera
  7. If rumors about MantaLAB doing Godzilla movies is right - first three, then this edition will become thing of past. I don't regret one bit not buying it, especially with them doing WWA... Saving money for Venom UHD Club and MAG edition.
  8. I'm sorry to opening this topic but if anyone knows where to get brand new one - factory sealed, let me know. Thank you
  9. Oh, forgot to ask... Do they include VAT? I mean i know all Amazon where i ordered - uk, usa, de etc. have VAT included. Would just want make sure that i'm not gonna pay VAT again.
  10. Appreciate for all the answers. Thank you very much! @ShadowWarrioronly first order there arrived in mint condition, all others were damaged in more than one way with each order so i just decided that i'm gonna save my nerves and money and am not ordering from them anymore. At least steelbooks.
  11. Can be ordered internationaly? I read that u have to use redirecting service but i didn't check it... What is strange though is i can't login with my existing Amazon account which is strange but i don't have experiences with this. Do you have to make new account despite having one - for like usa, uk, de...
  12. Hi @Masterblaster So if i understand you correctly, we can order movies from Amazon.jp through link which you provided as hyperlink - GB Requests? Best regards Aleksander
  13. So even single editions will be affected by delay not just OC. I do hope however that both single and OC won't be affected any more than this. Cause with holidays approaching and covid again picking up with weather conditions being perfect for virus to spread, this is literaly time for shipments to get lost... 😕
  14. Release Venom asap please! 🥺 Have all major premium editions of it and now that i heard its on MAG radar i need it badly. My favorite character/movie.

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