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  1. It's just swag, but nonetheless, thank you @Benoit46and @Masterblasterfor providing me with these nice gloves! Need them for handling steelbooks and other premium editions in my collection. Thank you! 🙂🤗
  2. I didn't thought Amazon artwork would be so nice looking. Love it! Other WWA is also nice, but in my view this one is better looking.
  3. SCF9 for HDZeta Gold OC. I heard that WeET should get them during this summer on steelbookcentral, but that remains to be seen.
  4. Thank you! Placed order via Group Buy for 3 pairs :-).
  5. I have one question - hope i'm posting in right thread. I'd very much like to order one pair, but i'm new member. Must i place deposit? I know for NM that is case for movies but i didn't see anything for items like these? Thank you.
  6. Got all these today. WeET trio 🙂 Though that SCF on CM 😔 - wil remove it. Still am a bit sad that WeET don't have proper protectors.
  7. Not a group buy but finally after more than half a year of constant lookout managed to get Mad Max Fury Road OC factory sealed. Wished it so bad and i finally got it. Went to customs myself 😃 as i didn't wanna risk anything. Looking 🥰 along MMFR B&C edition. 😊
  8. I'll make sure you or any other from the staff won't have to chase me. 😁😃 Made sure that i'm following all threads where i made prereg form for HDZeta releases - LOTR and ZSJL. 😃
  9. @stanleydobson, me neither. If you look WWA - usually 4K, rarely just BR. WEA - usually BR, (very) rarely 4K.
  10. WEA singles are usually just BR. It's how HDZeta works. You do get 4K but then you have to buy OC as single 4K is not avaliable or very rarely. I remember Mad Max Fury Road B&C edition as single and having 4K, while that edition wasn't avaliable in OC. They always tell, if you're not sure, wait till beauty shots come out. Then you see what kind of BR will be avaliable.

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